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NBA Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki Could Win The MVP Award This Year


Dirk Nowitzki was hoping to return by the end of November, but forgot one thing that is holding him back. That is “Father Time.” Now he is aiming for a mid-December return to the Dallas Mavericks.

Nowitzki addressed the media Tuesday afternoon saying that he is not going to return until he is 100% healthy. He did say that he is frustrated that it is taking longer than expected and will be back on the court mid-December.

Yes, Nowitzki will be back on the court then, but not the playing court. He will be on the practice court. There is no way that Nowitzki can get 100% healthy by mid-December.

That is why I expect him to be back after Christmas. He doesn’t want to say it, but deep down he knows that it will be at least another month before he can play his first game of this 2012-13 NBA season.

However, this could be a good thing for him and for Mavs fans. Lets say that the team does fall to my prediction and are under .500 by Christmas. Now let say that when Nowitzki returns to the team it automatically turns the team into a contender once again.

If Nowitzki is able to turn the team around and fight for a division title and/or a high seed, then I believe that he will be considered a top candidate for the Most Valuable Player Award.

I know that he does not care about awards like those, but Mavs fans do. If they cannot have an NBA title, they will worship any type of an award given to their beloved team.

Lets face it, without the “Big German” the Mavs have been close to awful. Yes, they have had performances when they look like they will be just fine without him, but this past week really has shown that they need their superstar to return soon.

With Nowitzki the Mavs have an extra 25-30 points or more to work with and 8-10 or more rebounds, as well. He is not afraid to take it to the basket and the way he shoots it is impossible to defend. That is why he is wanting to get back on the court as quickly as possible, but doing it only if he is 100% ready.

Do not expect him to turn the team around right away once he does return, but it will not take too long for him and his teammates to click. Just him being on the court helps propel the team.

However, the Mavs do need to have a decent enough record for him to work with. If they fall into a hole, then Nowitzki alone may not be able to pull the team back up. This is the Western Conference and if they fall too deep it may be too difficult for one guy to do it on his own.

Although, if the Mavs do have a decent record by Christmas, then I expect that Nowitzki will most likely turn his team around. If he does and gets the Mavs to a fourth-sixth seed then I believe he could end up with his second MVP Award this season.