Elton Brand's Final Chance To Prove Himself To The Dallas Mavericks

By Derek Ayala

Tonight, I believe, will be the last chance for Elton Brand to prove himself to the Dallas Mavericks. He needs to show that he deserves a spot on the starting line-up tonight when they face the New York Knicks.

If he does not perform to his expectations, then Brand will most likely be benched for this Saturday’s home game against the Los Angeles Lakers. The past two games he was benched for most of the game in both.

He only played 11 minutes this past Saturday and only 14 minutes on Monday, and he was a starter in both of the games. His lack of production has forced coach Rick Carlisle to sit him out.

However, I do have faith that he can turn it around, but the clock is ticking. He needs to show it tonight against a very powerful New York team, especially since the Knicks will force the other big men to get into foul trouble early. That is why Brand is very much needed tonight.

With that said, he is going to need to be careful with the ball and not make careless plays. He has been playing in the NBA since 1999, so he has a high basketball IQ.

It could be that he is 33-years-old and getting closer to his retirement from the league, but it is still no excuse not to show up every single game. It is almost the end of the first month of the NBA season and he has yet to show any signs that he is mentally ready to be on the court.

I know that Carlisle believes in him; that’s why he has been put in the starting line-up every game so far. I expect him to be in the starting role tonight as well.

That is why that tonight is a big game for him. If he can get close to his career averages in tonight’s game, then I do believe that the Mavs will have a chance tonight.

That means that Brand will need to score over 15 points, have over nine rebounds and a few blocks would help too. If he does that then it could be a turning point for him this season.

If he fails to help the Mavs tonight then look for him to be benched once again. Tonight will be his final chance to prove to his teammates and to the coaches that he deserves a spot on the roster. Also, if does fail to show up, then tonight could be his final time on the Mavericks’ starting line-up.

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