NBA Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks Fans Need To Be The “Sixth Man”


Tonight is the final match up for the season between the Dallas Mavericks and the New York Knicks. The last time they met was less than two weeks ago in New York. This time the game will be played in Dallas and for the Mavs to walk out with a win a lot of key factors need to play out.

One key factor in particular, however, is that the fans at the American Airlines Center need to be up and loud to boost their team’s confidence. Personally, I’ve been to most of the home games so far this year. Each time I go I feel like I am the only person out there that is yelling.

The dead silence that the fans of the Mavs show is pathetic. This is a team that won a NBA Championship two seasons ago and this is the crowd that the team has to come to. The only thing loud at the AAC is the music from the loud speakers. It’s not like Chesapeake Energy Arena, Rose Garden or the Madison Square Garden. Those fans in those buildings literally shake the building.

I know for a fact that the fans are just spoiled right now. They win one title and they expect championship year after year now. That is not how it works.

Mavs fans need to be up on their feet and loud to help this team. They are the ones that need to be the “Sixth Man.” Trust me, when a team hears their home crowd cheer, chant and shout it helps generate the momentum of the game.

Tonight is a great night to show it. Tonight is the only night of this season that their former Maverick, Jason Kidd, will be on the floor. This is the Mavs fans chance to boo him right out of the building. Yelling and booing each time Kidd has his hands on the basketball could make it too loud for anybody to hear him call out plays.

That’s the point of the “home court advantage.” It’s not an advantage when the home crowd is sleeping throughout the game.

Of course, the fans shouting and cheering is not the main key to a Mavs victory tonight. However, it will not hurt to let the team know that the Mavs fans do care. Fans tonight need to be chanting “Lets Go Mavs” from the time the starters are announced to the end of the game. It is time for Mavs Nation to step up. They need to show the Knicks and other opponents that the AAC is their house and nobody is going to take a win away from their Dallas Mavericks.