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Top 10 Things NBA Fans Should Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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10 Things For NBA Fans To Be Thankful For

Brian Spurlock - US Presswire

With Thanksgiving here, it’s a great time for NBA fans to think about a few things that they are thankful for this year.

Now I know that we should be thankful for things like peace on earth, family and good health, but there a lot of things more important than those mushy things this year. Life is good, and it’s a great time to be an NBA fan

We’re constantly getting more close games than fans of other sports, we have more true parity and our games are not played in the rain or snow. Why Major League Baseball plays its most important games in October in the rain and cold, and why the NFL plays its most important playoff games in the freezing cold and snow is beyond me. I’m very thankful to be an NBA fan going to a warm arena rather than an NFL fan sitting on a hard seat in the frozen tundra.

And don’t even think about being a hockey fan this year. The poor NHL fans are stuck in another lock-out and it’s hard to tell when hockey is going to be playing again.

The national media may keep proclaiming that the NFL is king and your dumb co-workers may go on and one about their favorite college football teams and the incredibly stupid way they pick champions in college football, but you and I know that the NBA is the best thing going right now.

And don’t get me wrong, I love football, baseball, soccer, hockey, bobsledding, curling and all of the other big sports, and I always watch my Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day, no matter how terrible they are. But the NBA is the best thing going right now, and there are plenty of reasons for why the league is so great and why we need to be thankful.

So before you drift off to sleep on Thanksgiving Day from too much turkey or too much of your Aunt Edna’s stories about your cousin’s trip to Idaho, take a few minutes to think about a few of the things that you are thankful for with the NBA.

To help you take part in this important emotional endeavor, I have compiled a list of Top 10 Things That NBA Fans Can Be Thankful For This Year.

You’re welcome.

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Ray Allen

Steve Mitchell - US Presswire

10. Ray Allen. He is a great shooter and player, and he is a treat to watch. He works incredibly hard and he seems like a great guy. He is also a player that any fan can try to emulate. Unlike most sports, basketball is a game that almost anyone can play alone or with a group of people. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how out-of-shape you are, you can always go shoot around a little and pretend you are someone like Allen or Rip Hamilton. NBA fans can watch the best athletes in the world play this sport, and then they can go out and try to copy their moves. When was the last time your out-of-shape football-loving neighbor even picked up a football?

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The Miami Heat

Jennifer Stewart - US Presswire

9. The Miami Heat. I know many of you may hate the Heat after the way Lebron James went to the team and the way that he, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh seemed so full of themselves. But you know what? That was all good for the NBA. Sports leagues are better when you have bad guys, and the Heat turned into a great bad guy that everyone wants to watch. The team is talented and fun to watch anyway, but when they turned bad like a good-guy professional wrestler turning into a heel, that was great for the league and for NBA fans.

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James Harden

Thomas Campbell - US Presswire

8. James Harden. You may have hated it when the Oklahoma City Thunder traded Harden to the Houston Rockets, but it added some excitement to the early season. The NBA has more important trades than any other sport, and they make the whole league more exciting. I loved watching Harden with the Thunder, and now I want to watch Rockets games just to see how he is doing. Trades give players like Harden a chance to shine, and it’s fun to watch players move around through trades, and through free agency in the NBA.

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Manu Ginobili

Soobum Im - US Presswire

7. Manu Ginobili. He is an amazing player who can shoot, make spectacular drives to the rim and thread the needle on perfect passes. The league is full of exciting players, and he is one of the best. He is also one of several international players who star in the league. No other American sports league has as many great international players as the NBA. The league is popular around the world, and we are treated to watch the best players in the world coming to the U.S. to play.

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Anthony Davis

Derick E. Hingle - US Presswire

6. Anthony Davis. He is a very exciting player to watch, and he has a chance to be great. The NBA has stars like this coming in every year, and most of them have been introduced to us already in college. The NBA also has stars who come out of nowhere to take the nation by storm. Jeremy Lin’s rise to fame during the 2011-2012 season was amazing, and it will be great now to see how he progresses this year and in the future. The NBA consistently gives us new stars, and does this better than any other sport.

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Kendrick Perkins

Mike DiNovo - US Presswire

5. Kendrick Perkins, and players like him. Other sports have players who get upset and get into fights, but none are like basketball. Baseball fights, first of all, are just stupid pushing matches where people are usually upset about “unwritten rules.” In basketball, you can see the players’ faces and you can usually see on the replays what they are mad about. Players like Perkins are constantly staring down other players, pushing and staying intense. Perkins is not a graceful, high-scoring player, but he is fun to watch, and he makes the whole game more exciting, whether you like him or hate him.

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Metta World Peace

Gary A. Vasquez - US Presswire

4. Metta World Peace, and players like him. Peace is a great personality, and the NBA gives us more personalities than any other league. C’mon, when have you ever heard any other player thank their counselors right after winning a championship? Sure, he’s a little crazy, but he also plays hard and is a good player. Dennis Rodman seemed a little crazy, but he was one of the best players ever. The NBA also has players like Nate Robinson who because of their size would seem to have no business playing in the league. But because of their strong will and personalities, they are able to succeed in the NBA and become stars. The NBA allows fans to learn more about the personalities of the players, like them or not, and it makes the game more fun.

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Kobe Bryant

Kirby Lee - US Presswire

3. Kobe Bryant. He may not be your favorite player, but he has been one of the most consistent stars of his generation. He always goes hard and has an amazing will to win. The NBA has several players who try to be like Kobe, although no one can do the things he has done. Critics will say that he is not Michael Jordan, but no one can be Jordan anyway. Watch Bryant play while you can and appreciate him. He and several other stars who are getting older have been great for the game. He is amazing to watch, and you should be thankful for him before he is gone.

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Carmelo Anthony

Soobum Im - US Presswire

2. Carmelo Anthony. He is known for hitting clutch shots, and players like Anthony are great to watch late in the game. They want the ball, and they create lots of drama when they put up a last-second shot. The NBA has more close games and more buzzer beating shots than any other sport. NBA teams always come back, and most games end up fairly close. If you’re watching a baseball game where the New York Mets are down 7 runs in the third inning, it’s a pretty safe bet they are going to lose. That game is going to be hard to watch. But if the New York Knicks are down 20 in the second quarter of an NBA game, it’s a safe bet that they are going to make a run and have a chance to win at the end.

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Kevin Durant

Mark D. Smith - US Presswire

1. Kevin Durant. He is amazing to watch, and you can really see him just about all year long now. The NBA season has been going for almost a month now, and somehow we still have a good seven months worth of games left to enjoy. And then in the off-season, we have the summer league, international ball, summer exhibitions, the draft, free agency and other opportunities to watch and read about NBA stars. When other sports end their seasons, you don’t see a lot of their players doing anything until the next season, but that’s not the case in the NBA. You’ll likely see Durant and others playing international ball, exhibition games and even ultimate Frisbee on college campuses, and you’ll also read about them working out and training in order to keep improving. The NBA has the best stars, and they are always shining bright all year long.