Detroit Pistons Don't Need Tayshaun Prince Taking Potshots At His Coach

By John Raffel



Tayshaun Prince is not doing what he needs to do on the court to help the Detroit Pistons.

He’s also not helping his team off the court.

Prince was critical of coach Lawrence Frank‘s decision to leave the first unit in too long during the second half in the 90-74 NBA loss to the Orlando Magic on Wednesday.

Frank called timeout but left Prince and other starters in there. Then the Magic scored 17 straight points and Frank made a lineup change.

Prince criticized Frank afterwards for not making the lineup change sooner.

Maybe Frank should have. But then again, maybe Prince should be playing better basketball and quit second-guessing his coach.

For the game, Prince was 5-of-12 from the floor for 10 points and had a mediocre game. But he did shoot better than some of his teammates, including Brandon Knight, who was 3-of-11 and Greg Monroe, who was 5-of-11. One can’t blame Frank for hoping that Prince, Monroe and Knight would be shooting the ball much better.

Prince did his thing on the boards with eight rebounds. But at times, he looks disinterested out there and bored with the game. If general manager Joe Dumars thinks Tayshaun Prince is a natural spiritual leader, then he’s sadly mistaken.

Prince needs to stay away from the type of potshots he took against Frank, similar to those delivered by Prince and his disgruntled teammate two years ago to John Kuester, who had to leave after facing a player mutiny.

When he’s on the court, Prince needs to deliver, and not with off-the-court critical remarks of his coach.

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