Los Angeles Lakers fail to deliver ‘Showtime’

By David Charnley
Los Angeles Lakers
Cary Edmondson -US Presswire

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a surprising defeat at the hands of the Sacramento Kings after seemingly turning around the corner from a disappointing start to the season.

After back to back wins for the Lakers including a victory against the Brooklyn Nets, it seemed the running streak would continue when they traveled to Sacramento.

Kobe Bryant once again put in a shift that included 38 points but the lack of help on the scoring board was reminiscent of early season games. The next highest scorer behind Kobe was Jodie Meeks who came off the bench to score 15 points. Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol both ended on single figures with lack luster performances.

After the game a disappointed Howard said, “There’s no explanation we’ve got another game coming up, so there’s no need to go back to tonight’s game. We will do a better job at both ends. I will and the team will.”

The next game up for the Lakers is a match-up with the impressive Memphis Grizzlies on Friday who have started the season 8-2.

The first game on the road under Mike D’Antoni, any lingering fears of defensive problems have been highlighted. During a game like last night where offensively nothing was going down they were unable to rely on a solid defense to get them through. Why was this the case, was it simply the fact that the team was tired after back to back games? If so this is a problem still so early on in the season.

Whatever reasons can answer how the defeat came about really should be squashed as the Lakers should have delivered ‘showtime.’

The biggest problem of the night came from points in the paint, where the Kings came on top  50-22 and D’Antoni said, “The ball didn’t move. Everybody wasn’t sharp.

“It was like we were wrestling in mud. I’m serious. The first half, I was in shock.”

The defeat meant that the Lakers went 0-3 on the road and with road trips to Memphis and then on to play the Dallas Mavericks luck really needs to shift if the Lakeshow can get back on to a winning streak.


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