Cleveland Cavaliers Set To Take On LeBron James And The Team Fans Love To Hate

By Nick Claussen


Douglas Jones – US Presswire

Now that people all across the country have gathered together with family to give thanks for all of their blessings and to share their love with one another, it’s time for Cleveland Cavaliers fans to dish out a big spoonful of hate for the Miami Heat.

The Cavs take on the South Beach ballers on Saturday night in Miami, and most people are expecting the Wine and Gold to get run over like a sales clerk on Black Friday.

The Cavs come into the game just 3-9, while the NBA Champions come into the game at 9-3.

The Heat are led by LeBron James, who is scoring 24.8 points per game while also pulling down 9.1 rebounds per game. James is shooting an outstanding 52% from the field and 44 percent from the three-point line, and is passing out an impressive 6.6 assists per game.

Some Cavs fans may recall that James used to play in Cleveland before he turned to the Dark Side and announced he was leaving town in the worst television program since the Brady Bunch Variety Hour.

Some fans may also recall that James seemed give up at times in his last playoff run with the Cavs. And a few may remember that James seemed to string the Cavs along for quite a while before dumping them on national television and then holding a huge celebration in Miami.

I know that it is all supposed to be OK now because James won an NBA title last summer and because he has apologized for The Decision. And I know that most of the Cavs players were not even in Cleveland when James was a member of the Wine and Gold.

But you know what? It’s not OK. Cavs fans still have every reason to be mad at James, and they have plenty of reasons to dislike the Heat.

Dwyane Wade, for example, is a great player that the national media loves. He is scoring 18.1 points per game and passing out 4.8 assists per game, and he can make some spectacular plays. He’s also a big whiner about every call or non-call, and he seems to get hurt in every game in some overly dramatic way.

Ray Allen is also another great player, and he is one of the best shooters in NBA history. He is also a big traitor. How could he leave the Boston Celtics for their biggest rivals, especially when the contract offer wasn’t something great? It’s like an Ohio State quarterback suddenly playing for Michigan.

Chris Bosh is another great player and he’s scoring 20 points per game this year while pulling down 8.2 rebounds.

OK, I can’t think of anything bad to say about Bosh. I actually like him a lot, except for the fact that he plays for the Heat.

But I don’t like the name, “The Heat.” It’s stupid.

Is “The” part of the name? Is it singular or plural? What does it mean, anyway? Is it a dry heat or a humid heat? Is it a rule that all NBA teams in Florida must have stupid nicknames?

Cleveland comes into the game as big underdogs. The best player for the Cavs is hurt, the team is young, and the game will be the second of a back-to-back for the Wine and Gold. Meanwhile, the Heat is/are loaded with talent and primed for another win.

But this may be good night for an upset. All of the Cavs should be excited and up for the game, and the players should go into the contest knowing they have nothing to lose.

The Cavs should come out loose, and if they can start out fairly well they will gain some confidence and will try to make a statement with a big victory. The Cavs have players who can score, and if they play solid defense and get out and run, they can do pretty well.

They’ve got a chance, and it would be a great win for Cavs fans if they can pull it off. And if the Cavs can’t win, well, it gives fans another reason to dislike the Heat.

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