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NBA Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers are Turning the Corner


The Indiana Pacers continue to ride their up-and-down rollercoaster during this early season. The Pacers are still struggling to defeat playoff-calibur teams, and are also finding themselves fighting lower-level franchises from wire to wire for a win. Even though Indiana’s record doesn’t necessarily indicate it, they have been fighting a lot more in recent games than they seemed to be in the first two weeks of the season.

Perhaps the shock of losing team captain Danny Granger has finally settled on the Pacers. This team was still looking to rebound from an astounding season last year, and to improve as well, with new pieces in new places. The team was understandably un-nerved by the loss of Granger, which wasn’t made public until right before the start of this season. An obvious time of adjustment was to be expected, but this team had been built deep enough to withstand such a hit.It has taken some time, and has looked ugly often, but the Pacers have started to show their potential on the court, even without their leading scorer from last year.

Even in defeat, the Pacers have recently stepped up and played strong. The shrugged shoulders and hang dog expressions on the bench have become less previlant, as this team seems to be more ready to fight until the final buzzer No matter the foe or the result, we are starting to see an Indiana Pacers squad who once again believes that they can compete with (and beat) some of the best teams in this league.