Kobe Bryant continues to lead the way for the Los Angeles Lakers

By David Charnley
Kobe Bryant
Cary Edmondson-US Presswire

Kobe Bryant might well be in the closing years of his career but he is showing that age is of no concern as he is the league’s top point scorer.

Currently the Black Mamba is shooting 53% from the field without Steve Nash dishing him assists which was meant to come to his aid during his twilight years, imagine potentially how well he can shoot with Nash’s return to the team.

At the tender age of 34 it is always interesting to talk about a possible retirement for the five time NBA champion, which he has indicated this season will be his penultimate, but once again he is putting up stats indicating that he could possibly go on for ever.

This season he is averaging 27.3 points whilst shooting 53.1%. He is also averaging 5.3 rebounds and 5.2 assists, the latter is a testimony to what he can bring in the absence of Nash and Steve Blake.

Wednesday’s defeat against the Sacramento Kings, Kobe once again delivered with an incredible 38 points. Kobe remains vitally important to the Lakers roster and needs help from the rest of his team if the Lakeshow can become a playoff contender. Kobe remains confident however that he is not having to work overly hard to compensate for the rest of his sides failures.

“I’m not working too hard, to be honest with you. The shots that I made were all jumpers. It doesn’t take much energy to knock those jumpers down.

“Bringing the ball up and having me kind of initiate the offense and score and stuff like that, it’s making me work a little more than I will when Nash gets back.

“When Nash gets back, I don’t have to do that. The game’s going to become even more easy for me.”

When Nash returns to lead the offense for Mike D’Antoni which he lead successfully during their time in Phoenix, there will be no disguise that despite it being Nash’s offense, the Los Angeles Lakers will always remain Kobe Bryant’s team.

When talking about who is the greatest player ever to play in the league, the names Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will all pop up, but also will the name Kobe Bryant.

Lebron James might well have been named MVP last season but Kobe is arguably the most technically gifted and most clutch player in the NBA.

It is crazy to think that Kobe has only been named MVP on one occasion, early indicators this season show that he might well be in with a shout because in my opinion there is not a better performing player right now.

The 14-time NBA all-star has being on fire this season so it must be frustrating that his team’s record doesn’t match the figures that he is posting.

Who knows how the rest of the season is going to turn out for Kobe or the Lakers. With an older set of legs how much longer can Kobe continue to carry his team and, will the arrival of Nash back into the point guard position be able to take some pressure and importance from the ever reliable Kobe, which in turn should help out the overall fitness to the roster.


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