NBA Rumors: Lakers Looking To Trade Pau Gasol

By Kaylyn Neely
Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Since every move the Los Angeles Lakers have made to become a better team has failed to result in anything positive, there are rumors that they’re going to make some more changes. There is a rumor that the Lakers are going to trade their All-Star power forward Pau Gasol.

On Friday, as the Memphis Grizzlies started creep up on the Lakers, with Gasol struggling, Mike D’Antoni sat his starting power forward on the bench. When asked why he chose to bench Gasol, the new Lakers’ coach told the Orange County Register‘s Kevin Ding:

It seems that the Lakers blame game is just shifting from one guy to the next. First Mike Brown, now Gasol. The power forward might have had a bad game against the Grizzlies but he isn’t a factor that is keeping them from winning.

There isn’t a need to go fishing for a new power forward, There isn’t really a power forward out there that is as good as Gasol, unless Lakers management performs another miracle and reels in Kevin Love. There are rumors that the Lakers want Josh Smith but trading Gasol for Smith really won’t accomplish anything. Instead of creating team unity, it will just mean more adjustment time. It also doesn’t get to the root of the problem. This team should statistically be able to win.

Ding reported that Gasol has made it clear that he would like more opportunities in the post and he should have those opportunities.

Dwight Howard commented:

Howard’s comment doesn’t seem to be aimed at Gasol. It seems to be for someone else…

Gasol’s lack of post opportunities is a problem that come from not having Steve Nash healthy. The point guard is the distributor. He is responsible for getting the team involved.

Until Nash comes back, the Lakers will be a team that struggles to distribute the ball and in a sense, incomplete. Trading Gasol will not fix that.


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