Toronto Raptors Can't Live By Andrea Bargnani Alone

By John Raffel
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Andrea Bargnani has been one very special player for the Toronto Raptors and he proved that again Friday night.

The problem is the Raptors just haven’t been giving Bargnani a lot of support.

In the Raptors’ 91-90 NBA loss to the Detroit Pistons Friday night, Bargnani had a big 34-point performance. But Raptor coach Dwayne Casey realizes his team can’t live off of Bargnani’s talents.

“That was great for him personally but as a team you lose by one point,” Casey said noting that his team gave up 15 offensive boards and everybody has a piece of that. “I would give about two or three of his buckets to get some defensive rebounds.”

Bargnani, in 38 minutes of action, was 13-of-20 from the floor and 3-of-5 in three-pointers and had five rebounds and four assists.

Not a bad night. But the Pistons pulled it out in the stretch. They had a 15-9 offensive rebounding advantage.

Now both teams are 3-10 and not much relief seems to be in sight.

Bargnani is having a solid season with 18.7 points and 4.5 rebounds per game. Offensive rebounding, by the other team, has been driving Casey up the wall.

“It looks like the last play was the reason and it was not. It was 15 offensive boards,” Casey said. “Once

turned his ankle and hurt his leg, he was playing on one leg. They got five offensive boards in a row and we had to get him out. He would have been a difference if I thought if he was healthy to get in there but it was the plays before that.”

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