Detroit Pistons' Tayshaun Prince Makes Peace With Lawrence Frank

By John Raffel


It’s funny how everyone gets along better when they win.

Take Tayshaun Prince and his Detroit Pistons coach Lawrence Frank for instance. In a disappointing NBA loss to the Orlando Magic, Prince was criticizing Frank for not replacing him and other first unit players soon enough in the second half when the Magic went on a devastating 21-0 run and won the game.

Friday night, the Pistons edged past the Toronto Raptors 91-90 and Frank and Prince couldn’t say enough nice things about each other.

“I think overall just the poise our guys showed down the stretch really executed really, really well,” Frank said. “I thought Tay was very good at executing down to him. Our guys showed good poise, good presence in terms of delivering the ball to (Prince) and giving him space. Getting that key stop–we had to get that stop before that last 20-second timeout in order to have a chance. It’s one of those things with a young group, I just liked the way we poised ourselves.”

Prince had a decent performance and played the way he needs to in order to help his 3-10 team. But he also gave some credit to the coach he was critical of two nights earlier.

“We got stops down the stretch. During the timeouts Coach drew up some stuff, a couple of plays, and we kept our floor spaced and let the guys attack and make the plays,” Prince said. “That kind of gave us some confidence to do what we have to do. We really did a good job on the last play of just being patient because I didn’t have any timeouts. We just stayed the course in the game. When they made the run and took the lead in the fourth quarter we didn’t stagger, we just kept pulling, kept pulling and made good things happen.”

Including having Coach and Prince liking each other again.