Detroit Pistons Using Will Bynum To Educate His Teammates

By John Raffel


The Detroit Pistons are focusing their future on younger players, but it’s very obvious how much guidance is needed to make sure they make the right plays at the right time.

Easier said than done.

For the Pistons, Brandon Knight is their future at guard but he’s had his ups and downs. That’s where veteran guard Will Bynum comes in. Knight made the winning basket in a 91-90 NBA win Friday over the Toronto Raptors.

For Bynum, it was a matter of settling down the play in the second half.

“I just try to get the guys the ball in the right position,” Bynum said. “I don’t look for myself. I just try to settle everything down and set everybody up and be a defensive presence. Also, I talk to Brandon to let him know to get right back in there.

“He had great poise down the stretch and made some crucial plays that we needed. That’s how we got the win.”

Thanks to Bynum, coach Lawrence Frank could see how poised his team was when it was very necessary. But he was overjoyed, and rightfully so, to see Knight make the right play.”

“What we wanted to do was have Rodney (Stuckey), who’s our best screener, cross-screen Amir (Johnson), try to create another switch and try to get a two-five switch, Frank said. “Amir did a great job hanging to body, Brandon was the pressure release, got it, him and Greg got into a two-man game….Brandon with the great reject split and obviously got all the way to the rack and made a very great play.”

Frank needs more plays like that from Knight. With Bynum’s help, he might get them.

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