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Los Angeles Lakers finally pick up a win on the road

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Los Angeles Lakers

Jerome Miron -US Presswire


In what has been a turbulent season for the Los Angeles Lakers a road victory against the Dallas Mavericks was exactly what Mike D’Antoni needed.

It has been long overdue but finally the Lakers have recorded a victory away from their own court in the 115-89 blowout of the Mavericks.

Ever since Metta World Peace recorded three consecutive threes in the first quarter, which he finished off with 16 points, early indicators suggested that this could finally be the night the winless streak would come to an end.

Talking about MWP’s performance D’Antoni said,

“Metta played great. There was no reason not to. He’s a great spot up shooter.

“The force that we had rolling, and the way the ball moves, he’ll get it and he should get 10 threes a night.

“He’ll make four or five of them every night, and that’s his game. And he can drive the basketball, but his defense set the tone early. He gets on you and he’s tough. Metta’s Metta, and he’s good.”

The Lakers had already racked up 36 points before Kobe Bryant took his first shot of the evening with it coming in the second quarter.

Offensively it was much better as the Lakers have proven that they do not need to completely rely on Kobe. The superstar was able to play with less tempo as his team mates rallied on gamely around him, getting into the paint and out scoring their opponents.

A complete contrast to the defeat the previous night against Memphis Grizzlies as Antawn Jamison proved the bench can contribute as he joint top scored with 19 points.

Jodie Meeks also impressed for me last night as did Dwight Howard who scored 15 points coming off of consecutive 7 point finishes.

No one expected to see a fast flowing offense like this until the return of Steve Nash but D’Antoni delivered.

Have we at last seen signs of improvement that finally the Lakers have woken up, following a victory last night next up for the Lakeshow are three home games against Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets and Orlando Magic where there is every chance we can see a winning streak form.

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