Post Game Thoughts: Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks

By Chris Hawkins

The Los Angeles Lakers left no doubt about the outcome of this game. They came out and annihilated the Dallas Mavericks 115-89.

Some post game thoughts.


Road Rules: Better late than never. Last night’s win in Dallas marked the first road victory this season for the Lakers.


Jamison’s Big Night: Antawn Jamison rotated between small forward and power forward and had what was easily his best game of the season up to this point. In the first half alone, he had 13 points and 11 rebounds.


That was… D’Antoni-esque: Mike D’Antoni is going to look at last night’s box score and say “That’s more like it.” This is what D’Antoni wants, to do speed up the tempo (105 possessions) and increase scoring opportunities. Los Angeles finished the game with an offensive efficiency rating of 109.5—their best mark of the season. On paper, the Lakers’ offense figures to look more cohesive once Steve Nash returns to line-up and establishes chemistry with the starting line-up.


Laker Role Players:Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol were able to coast for the most part offensively thanks to the hot shooting from Jamison (19 points), Metta World Peace (19 points) and Jodie Meeks (13 points). In D’Antoni’s offense, there are going to be more scoring opportunities for role players.


A Game Chris Kaman Would Like to Forget: It was a rough night for Chris Kaman who only played 24 minutes due to foul trouble. But during the time he was on the court, Howard used his size and athleticism to shut him down. This threw Dallas’ entire rhythm off as Kaman is the focal point of the Mavericks’ offense while Dirk Nowtizki out of the line-up.


Burn the Film: It’s an 82 game season and teams are going to have a game or two where nothing goes right. This is one of those games.Dallas hasn’t played since Wednesday and came out rusty. The Mavericks played poorly and they knew it, I suspect Rick Carlisle will just throw out the tape move on the next game.

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