Mario Chalmers Should Not Start If Poor Play Continues

By Aime Mukendi
Us Presswire-Jennifer Stewart

Mario Chalmers started the season off playing well for the Miami Heat 10 games later the right term to describe his play is simple inconsistent.

Chalmers is averaging under seven points per game, under five assists per game, and is shooting just 33 percent from the three point line and a career-low 65 percent from the free throw line. After countless tongue lashing from teammate LeBron James last season Chalmers made it clear that all the yelling and screaming was not necessary and at the beginning of the season was proving it. Yet it seems that Chalmers has regressed as a shooter even though he has become a slightly better playmaker.

Which opens up the door for a bigger question for the Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra, should Chalmers be taken out of the starting line-up?

The Heat have the depth and since Chalmers has not shot the ball well it may be time for James to truly become a point-forward. Why not start forward Mike Miller who is shooting just under 42 percent from beyond the arc? Why not start the all-time leading rebounder Udonis Haslem? Which would allow James to become a true point guard and end some of the defensive struggles the Heat have had this season.

One thing that is clear about the Heat is that they still have a weakness at the point guard position. When Chalmers plays well the Heat are a much better team because although Ray Allen has been a clutch shooter, Chalmers is clearly the better on-ball defender and in a league filled with point guards who can fill a box score that defense is a necessity. But when Chalmers does not shoot the ball well it hurts the Heat offensively.

Back-up point guard Norris Cole has not put pressure on Chalmers to challenge him for the starting spot since Cole is shooting just 33 percent from the field and barely over 23 percent from the three point line.

Nevertheless whoever the Heat have in at the point guard position will have to be able to knockdown shots in order for the Heat to compete for an NBA title.

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