Steve Nash's Frustration Grows as Injury Continues to Keep Him Out

By David Charnley
Steve Nash Los Angeles Lakers
Jerome Miron-US Presswire

Los Angeles Lakers injured point guard, Steve Nash is getting frustrated at not being on the court with his prolonged injury layoff.

It has been almost four weeks since Nash fractured his foot from a collision with Portland Trailblazers Damian Lillard. During the course of his recovery, there have been dates set for the return of the two time NBA MVP, but a comeback still seems to be prolonged.

After his medical check- up on Friday it was revealed that Nash is still unable to jog and the frustration was clear as Nash said, “It’s hard. I have my moments where I get down.

“I haven’t been out this long in 10 years. It’s hard. It’s frustrating. I worked really hard this summer and through training camp this year. I was just starting to come into myself. Now how long is that going to get that back when I’m healthy. It all plays in your mind and makes you really eager.

“It’s difficult for me to be myself and not be playing,” he added.

“You’re not healthy, you can’t work, you can’t add energy. You can’t do anything. I’m watching and trying to take it in, but I’m also trying to fight my own mentality in getting my body ready.”

The return of Nash is even more highly anticipated since the arrival of his former Phoenix Suns coach Mike D’Antoni.

The two have a connection and the combo that comes out as a result is something that all the Lakers fans and basketball fans alike can’t wait to see once again.

Nash’s arrival at the Staple Center was one of the main reasons D’Antoni was appointed over the legendary Phil Jackson. So far due to the absence of Nash and Steve Blake the offense has been run by Dairus Morris and Chris Duhon.

Blake is expected to make a return for the visit of the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night but a return of Nash is still not sure.

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