76ers Still a Threat to Boston Celtics in Atlantic Division?

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers

Do the Philadelphia 76ers still pose a serious threat to the Boston Celtics in the Atlantic Division?  I just can’t see it, even with them currently being 8-6.  A majority of their wins are against the sisters of the poor and their second half schedule is brutal, with road games vastly outweighing home contests.  I haven’t even mentioned the fact that Andrew Bynum, whom they acquired over the off season, has not played in a single game and his career looks cloudier by the second.  His knees are equivalent to an 80 year old and the 76ers organization has to be seriously concerned about his long term outlook with the club.  They blew up their team to get him, trading their one time franchise player, Andre Igoudala, to the Denver Nuggets as part of a blockbuster trade earlier in the year.

Basically the 76ers core for the remainder of the season is Jrue Holiday, Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner, and Thaddeus Young, with other spare parts sprinkled in.  Those names should not strike fear in an opponent’s eyes, especially the Celtics, who know they can beat them when it matters.  Holiday is a nice player but I don’t think he is the type of guy you game plan for just yet.  He certainly has the potential, but he is still only 22 years and has plenty of time to improve.  The other three guys are role players and Turner has to be one of the most overrated players in the league.  He is an awful jump shooter and offers no perimeter game at all.

The Celtics should have no concern over the 76ers and they no longer appear to be a threat in the division.  It will be interesting to see if they make any moves to try and improve, even though they lack the valuable trade assets to make another blockbuster deal.


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