Dallas Mavericks Need Momentum

By Derek Ayala
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

It’s going to be a tough December for the Dallas Mavericks. Their next 11 of 17 games are on the road. Which begins tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers.

If there is one thing that the Mavs need to have any success it is momentum. In the past few weeks they have fought off from going under .500. Right now they stand at 7-7 and they have been .500 four times this year. They have failed to go up two games over that mark since starting the season 4-1.

With the lack of production, excluding O.J. Mayo and Vince Carter, the Mavs need something to help them avoid getting into a deep ditch.

Dirk Nowitzki is planning on a mid-December return, but father time may prevent that. I still expect him to return after Christmas, that is why the Mavs need to find something to get their act together. If not then they will be too far down to climb out of since they are in the Western Conference.

I did predict the Mavs to be under .500 by Christmas, and thus far, it seems like that may be the case. Now if my next prediction is right about Nowitzki becoming a MVP candidate that means that he would have pulled the Mavs from out of a hole.

The Mavs have not played since Saturday night which they were demolished by the Los Angeles Lakers. Hopefully coach Rick Carlisle has worked his guys hard and prepared for what’s to come.

Both Mayo and Carter have been great. Mayo has been playing like an all-star and Carter has been playing like a 6th man of the year.

For momentum to spark other guys are going need to step it up. That means Darren Collison, Chris Kaman, Jae Crowder, Brandan Wright and Shawn Marion need to play better than they have been. Almost all have disappeared in the past few weeks.

Once everything clicks and they get a win starting tonight in Philadelphia then that road win will boost the team. I believe that if the Mavericks win their next two road games, which are back-to-back, then it could change the momentum for this team.

I know it’s easy to sit here and talk about what needs to be done, but in reality it is much harder than anyone can imagine. These guys are tired of losing and they are tired of being embarrassed. I expect the Mavs to come out tonight in Philadelphia hungry and with something to prove. If they do not then it’s going to be a very long month for the Dallas Mavericks fans everywhere.

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