Is age getting the best of the New York Knicks already?

By Joseph Wolkin
Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Who would think that the New York Knicks would be leading the Atlantic Division after 15 games? The Knicks are 9-4, tied with the Brooklyn Nets for first place in the division.

Even though the Atlantic Division is as competitive as ever according to many fans, the Knicks have a chance to regain the pride they had over two decades ago in the 1990’s. Most fans know about the off-season acquisitions from the Knicks as they went from one of the youngest teams within the league, to one of the elder, more experienced teams. The team was plagued with chemistry over the pre-season, but they worked things out quickly once the regular season had begun.

After suffering from back spasms, Jason Kidd sat in the team’s first game against the Nets in their new Brooklyn home, a loss which caused heavy criticism for the team that has owned New York City since the 1960’s.

Kidd can’t be blamed for the loss though. The team isn’t made to play in back-to-back events, they are simply just too old to do so. Veteran players seem to be piecing their experience together as they are attempting to win in one last hoorah of sorts.

Rasheed Wallace, who came out of retirement during the off-season to sign with the Knicks, has been catching the eye of fans as well as head coach,Mike Woodson. Wallace’s minutes continue to elevate as he leads the team in blocks per game with 0.9 throughout his first 12-games with the team.

Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby are on the team to teach the younger players at this point. Both of the players have only played a combined 12 games with one start after signing for the veteran’s minimum to fill up the team’s roster.

So what is going wrong that the team is losing with such experienced players?

It’s pretty simple. The team is just old and every team is going to lose their fair share of games. The Boston Celtics have the same problem, but will probably make the playoffs either way due to the lack of talent within the Eastern Conference. In order for the Knicks to have the slightest chance at competing with the Miami Heat for the NBA championship, they will need to figure out a way to rest their elder players throughout the intense 82-game schedule.

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