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Brooklyn Nets’ Reggie Evans Is A Rebounding Machine

Reggie Evans Defending Crawford


This man is a rebounding machine that we have not seen since the likes of Dennis Rodman in the 90′s.  Reggie Evans is averaging a league-high 22.1 rebounds per 48 minutes right now for the Brooklyn Nets and destroying anyone who comes in his path.

Evans absolute tenacity and unrelenting passion to rebound every ball is evident to everyone that sees him play.  His passion has become infectious to his new Nets teammates and they seem to follow suit and bring their defensive games up when “Reggie” gets rolling.

Shaquille O’Neal felt the same way on TNT after the Knicks game glowing about Evans. “He reminds me of a young Dennis Rodman,  He gets every rebound, doesn’t want to shoot and doesn’t want to score. He works hard and the people of New York and Brooklyn will appreciate his hard work.”

Evans knows his limitations on the offensive end and chooses rather to rely on his assets as a pure rebounding “madman” and help his team win in whatever way he can.  He is not out there to score and pad his stats, he is there to intimidate, set screens and REBOUND.

“I’m not the best box out person, I can’t jump as high,” Evans said. “So you gotta use your head and just go get it and stuff like that. I’m not the best person you want to look at if you want to know the fundamentals of rebounding. I’m definitely not a good person to look at for that. “My motto is, ‘Just go get it.’”

His Nets teammates love playing with him and they know they will certainly be challenged in practice if they don’t bring their A-game but they all admire his ultimate will and desire.

Avery Johnson is the one that seems to enjoy  Evans more than anyone in Brooklyn.  “We’re not really concerned about Reggie’s so called lack of  offensive production because if you see him out there, he’s one of our better passers.”

Reggie Evans grabbed 14 rebounds against the New York Knicks in 18 minutes off the bench and scored only four points and he couldn’t be happier about it and was quoted later saying “I could care less about scoring.”

Evans has gotten a reputation as a “flopper”, and yes at some points he does “flop”, but that used to be called “gamesmanship” and somehow in today’s NBA it wont be tolerated anymore.  Evans became the first player in NBA history to be fined under the league’s new anti-flopping rules after his second violation cost him $5000.

Evans can flop all year long for the Nets as long as he keeps rebounding like he currently is and changing games, Brooklyn fans will continue to adore him the whole way.

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