Chauncey Billups to Make Season Debut Wednesday Night

By Riley Schmitt
Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

After missing the end of last season and the beginning of this season with an injury, Chauncey Billups is back. The Los Angeles Clippers‘ guard will make his season debut Wednesday night and he will start at shooting guard.

Although this looks like a good thing on the surface, this might not be a great thing for the Clippers in the long run. They have a ton of depth but they lack a head coach who knows how to manage it. Vinny Del Negro is not exactly a genius when it comes to managing a rotation.

He plays too many players and he has no idea how to cut it down a bit. They are almost too deep at this point. Trust me, this will get screwed up for them. Del Negro used to enjoy benching Derrick Rose in the fourth quarter, which is all you need to know about his rotations.

The absolute worst thing that could happen from this is that Eric Bledsoe somehow ends up with his minutes cut.  This really should not affect his standing, but you never know.  The kid is going to be great, but this just adds another body to the back court. A smart coach can avoid this, but you know, we’re talking about Del Negro here.

It is great to see Chauncey back and hopefully he can return to something resembling his old form.


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