Erik Spoelstra: "Shane Battier 1-A Most Important Player On The Miami Heat"

By Aime Mukendi
Us Presswire-Steve Mitchell

A few weeks ago Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra said that “Chris Bosh is the most important player on the team” most recently he added a new name to that short list.

Forward Shane Battier sprained his medial-collateral ligament of his right knee missing practice Tuesday and most likely will miss practice Wednesday as well missing at least the next two games. When asked of Battier’s value to the team and how Spoelstra plans to adjust rotations he made another shocking statement.

“We know who our top 11 or 12 are right now, so it doesn’t change dramatically one way or the other,” Spoelstra said. “Do we call him our second-most important player if Chris our most important guy in terms of making things work? Shane is 1-A because of all the little things that he does, and I hope we don’t have to find out how much we miss him.”

Spoelstra may be right in ensuring that his players and the entire NBA knows how important both Bosh and Battier are but it is safe to say that he may be embellishing a bit.

The most important player is also the best player on the Heat is LeBron James.

When James scored 40 points, grabbed 18 rebounds, and dished out nine assists in the second round of the playoffs versus the Indiana Pacers the entire world was able to see how important he was to this team. His numbers show that he is the best scorer, passer, rebounder, and even the best defender on the team. He was the biggest piece in getting a hobbled Dwyane Wade going in that same game. James is the dynamic superstar that as an individual players makes his teammates better and through doing so makes himself better.

In other words the buck starts with James even if Spoelstra tries to publicly state otherwise.

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