Free Agent PG Derek Fisher To Join NBA Team Soon

By Riley Schmitt
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Derek Fisher has been a free agent since the NBA season started but that will change soon. The long time veteran will join a team in the next few days and has his list narrowed down to just a couple of teams.

Last year, Fisher ended the season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, who needed a point guard to fill out the roster.  As of right now, I am struggling to find teams that would actively be after Fisher.  He might want to join a certain team but there is a good chance that do not have a spot for him or they do not want him.

Some people will instantly think the Miami Heat would be after another veteran but that makes very little sense to me.  They are actually getting decent point guard play and they have this guy named LeBron James.  Just let him handle the ball and you will be perfectly fine.

As odd as it sounds, I would not be shocked if the Los Angeles Lakers are not one of those teams.  You always associate him with the team, plus they can not keep their guards healthy.  He would fit in quite well, but I am not sure how the money and whatnot would match up.

We should have an answer soon but speculation is always fun when it comes to free agents.

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