NBA Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers Succeed Through Sloppy Play

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

The set-up was similar, but the result was thankfully different, for the Indiana Pacers. During their last two games, the Pacers have squandered an early double-digit lead late in the game, against Western Conference playoff teams. On Friday, the Pacers gave up a 17-point lead at home, in what would be an eventual loss to the San Antonio Spurs. On Wednesday, Indiana barely held on to win an away game against the Los Angeles Lakers, after losing a ten-point lead.

The fact that the Pacers are fighting through this kind of up-and-down sloppy play, is a credit to their drive and determination as a team. On the flip side, the fact that this young team isn’t properly capitalizing on early-game efforts, has proven detrimental to their psyche on the court, and to their reputation off of it. Teams are no longer shocked or surprised when the Pacers play well, but they also do not seem intimidated when Indiana comes to town.

The Pacers will have plenty of time to prove themselves, as they face no less than three more games on the road, before returning home a week from Wednesday. As this team adapts to the addition of new pieces and the losses of others, they will have to make the most of their efforts. Throughout the first half of this season, each and every player on this young roster will be called-upon. It is time for these players to show what they can do with the opportunity. Indiana, the ball is in your court.