Los Angeles Lakers' Aging Side Not Up to Mike D'Antoni's Fast Paced Game

By David Charnley
Los Angeles Lakers ageing team
Kirby Lee -US Presswire

Mike D’Antoni, as we all know, likes to play a fast game, one reason why it might not be successful so far with the Los Angeles Lakers is of the aging roster he has at his disposal.

Four of the five starters–Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Metta World Peace and Pau Gasol–are all over 32 years old, as well as sixth man Antawn Jamison.

Lakers assistant coach Dan D’Antoni does not believe that age will prove to be an issue for the team in their push for the 2013 NBA championship:

“If you’re too old to play in this league, you probably ought to get out of the league. If they take care of themselves and coach watches their minutes a little bit, they should be in condition to run. If you have fast players, they’ll be faster. If you have slower players, it will be a little slower. But it will still be effective.”

When you look at the age of the roster, it is concerning for what is a long and gruesome season. Whilst having a look at other genuine title contenders the Miami Heat and especially Oklahoma City Thunder you realize there are no such problems.

“They just have to play hard,” D’Antoni added.

“If they play hard, they’ll get conditioned. It is a difference. They were conditioned, but the game they played involved a lot of pounding. They have a lot of physical conditioning. But this system flips it where it’s more of a cardio thing.

“A lot of it is mental,” D’Antoni said. “Usually in basketball, it’s not who’s the fastest. It’s who starts first.”

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