Dallas Mavericks Sign Derek Fisher To Be A Teacher, Not Out of Desperation.

By Derek Ayala
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Do I believe that the Dallas Mavericks signing Derek Fisher is a sign of desperation? Each writer has their own favorite writer. One of my favorite writers is ESPN Dallas’ Tim MacMahon. He wrote a piece about the signing of Fisher is a sign of desperation. However, I believe that it is not.

Yes, it may seem like it since the Mavs are falling into a deep hole, but the fact is that the Mavs have no real point guard at the moment. They have Darren Collison, but he is still a young guy who is still learning what it takes to be in the NBA. He has had great games and had his poor games. More poor than great.

The Mavericks are not going to say that they were in desperation or that they needed something to spark the team. No. The main reason, in my point of view, for signing Fisher is to be the teacher to Collison.

Fisher is, to me, in the top 10 of the best guards in the past 15 years. He helped bring five NBA Championships to the Los Angeles Lakers. Although, he only has a career average of 8.6 points and 3.1 assists, he is still a fourth quarter clutch.

However, I believe that he was not brought to the roster to be a clutch shooter, but to be the teacher. Who could be better to teach Collison, O.J. Mayo, Rodrigue Beaubois, Dominique Jones and rookie, Jared Cunningham than Fisher?

He can teach these young point guards and shooting guards in what it takes to become a great player in the NBA. Mayo is already a great shooter and having Fisher in Dallas he could learn how to become more of a clutch shooter.

Both Jones and Beaubois are very inconsistent and with Mr. Fisher teaching the class that could all change. They could become great asset to the Mavs later on in future seasons and learning from Fisher will diffidently will turn them into decent guards.

Cunningham may learn from Fisher, but he is too young to comprehend right now.

As for Collison, he is the one that needs to learn from Fisher more than the others. Collison was brought here to become the starting point guard for the franchise, but with him struggling the beginning of the season he was benched Tuesday night.

Fisher could turn that around. I mentioned earlier in the season that Collison could become the best point guard in franchise history. Even better than Jason Kidd and Steve Nash.

Fisher was never a high point scorer, but Collison is. Having skills learned from Fisher and already his tendency to score the Mavs could have something here. Collison could be a clutch shooter and a consistent shooter as well with Fisher teaching him.

That is why he was brought to the team. Not because the Mavs are in desperation, but instead to teach the young guards that the Mavs have. Plus, having a five time NBA Champion in the locker room, Fisher will have automatically respect. He will be a leader and a role model which could help the Mavs boost their confidence as the season progresses.

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