David Stern Should Not Sanction San Antonio Spurs

By Riley Schmitt
Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

The San Antonio Spurs pulled a little bit of gamesmanship on Thursday night by not playing their core players against the Miami Heat. This angered a lot of people, but none more than David Stern. The NBA commissioner has promised sanctions against the team, but this would be flat out wrong.

This is not an issue that he should be concerning himself with.  I am one of those guys who supports Stern in almost any situation, but this is not something for him to deal with.  Yes, the Spurs pulled a fast one on the fans, but they do this all time.  I think the fact that this game is on national TV is what has him upset.   However, there is no reason to sanction the team.

The NBA should let the teams do what they want to do.  If they are prepping for a playoff run already, let them do it.  Their core is not very young and they are coming off a tough stretch.  They could use the rest so they are getting rest.  That is not something for the league to stick their nose in to.  They have bigger fish to fry than the Spurs not playing their main players.

The sanctions will probably come down soon and it would be a bad thing regardless.  Stern has started to slip in his old age and this is a very dangerous thing to do.  If you have not found a way to stop tanking, you can’t sanction the Spurs for this.  That would be the most hypocritical thing that they can do.

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