Detroit Pistons' Kyle Singler is More Valuable Rookie Than Andre Drummond

By John Raffel
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The debate is on: Who is the rookie of the year for the Detroit Pistons? Kyle Singler? Andre Drummond?

It depends which game you’re talking about. Right now, a slight edge goes to Kyle Singler. But that could change by the next game.

Singler has been in the first unit and Drummond on the second unit.

Coach Lawrence Frank was singing Singler’s praises after a 108-101 NBA win over the Portland Trail Blazers earlier this week.

“Kyle, I thought was outstanding, playing a very, very complete game,” Frank said. “Defensively, he was very, very solid; ran the floor extremely well, passed the ball well, rebounding. It was a very complete game. Final stat line of 16 (points), 10 (rebounds) and five (assists), that’s very good.”

Drummond was 3-of-7 and had six points after Wednesday’s 117-77 drubbing of the Phoenix Suns.

“It’s not the rotation; it’s us as a team,” Drummond said. “We work hard every day and we’re starting to get that we’re the energy group. We come out there and then get our starting line up right back in.”

Drummond claims he’s getting more comfortable as an NBA player.

“Definitely, every day I’m out here working with my teammates and my coaching staff and guys around me. I’m getting a lot more comfortable and know where I need to be,” he said, adding that playing with Charlie Villanueva has also been a bonus. “It makes it a lot harder for the defense because he can pick-and-pop or he can post up so you really don’t know what he’s trying to do.”


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