Does Rajon Rondo being Rondo Spell Trouble For Boston Celtics?

By meganhuston

For the past couple seasons the Boston Celtics have openly made the transition from the “Big Three” to the “Big One”, passing the leadership role from Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen (who has since joined the Miami Heat) to point guard and floor general Rajon Rondo. While some questioned Rondo’s leadership ability head coach Doc Rivers was certain this was the way to go. “He probably has the highest basketball IQ of any player I’ve ever coached,” Rivers said.

There’s no denying that Rondo is one of best pass first point guards in the NBA. He recently held a streak of 37 consecutive games with 10+ assists. But that streak came to a screeching halt Wednesday night when Rondo, the leader of the Celtics was ejected for fighting with Kris Humphries.

The fight ensued after Humphries fouled Garnett driving to the basket, causing Garnett to fall to the ground. Rondo then pushed Humphries and before you knew it both teams had to be separated.

Some might say, “Rondo was just sticking up for his teammate.” I might buy that if that teammate wasn’t Kevin Garnett. If there’s one player in the league that doesn’t need “backup” its KG.

The fact of the matter is as great as Rondo is he has a problem keeping his composure. Let’s take a look at his track record shall we…

Rondo has gotten into altercations with the likes of Kirk Hinrich, Chris Paul, and Kobe Bryant. Not to mention the chest bump seen around the world, when Rondo bumped official Marc Davis after disagreeing with a call he made against teammate Brandon Bass.

And while getting caught up in the emotion of the game is a part of basketball its become a far to common trait in Rondo’s game. He has got to learn to keep his cool. His passion for the game is commendable but not when it comes at the expense of his team. Rondo will more than likely be suspended for a game if not more.

Rondo is the driving force of the Celtics. Their motor. Their engine. What makes them run. If he wants to continue to lead this team he’s going to have to grow up and start leading by example on the court. It’s imperative that Rondo learns to keep his composure because he’s too valuable to the Celtics not to.

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