NBA Rumors: Drew Gooden a Future Boston Celtic?

By Rob Lunder
Drew Gooden, Boston Celtics

Would the Boston Celtics be interested in Milwaukee Bucks forward Drew Gooden?  It appears the team has at least floated around the possibility as it continues looking out for more front court additions.  I would have to think Gooden would come pretty cheaply and it wouldn’t shock me if the team could get him for a second-round pick, or similar value.

Gooden is currently buried on the Bucks’ depth chart and the team might be interested in removing him from the current roster.  Larry Sanders has emerged as a strong player in their rotation and it wouldn’t make sense to stunt his growth just because of Gooden.  Sanders has nice upside and is still a very young player.

Would Gooden fit on the Celtics’ current roster?  I don’t see why not.  He would probably be in a time share with Chris Wilcox for the extra backup minutes behind Kevin Garnett, Brandon Bass, Jared Sullinger, and Jeff Green.

The team would probably benefit from adding another front court player with experience, allowing the team to protect itself against any injury to one of the previously mentioned players.  Gooden also isn’t a stiff, so fans would probably be very happy to know that Jason Collins would probably never see the floor again in a Celtics uniform.  Wilcox is doing a nice job, but his injury history has been a major problem and it would be difficult for the team to fully count on him for the remainder of the season and the playoffs.

Drew Gooden would be a safe move for the Celtics and would increase their overall depth, especially in the front court.


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