Kevin Garnett Deserves Suspension For Fight-Triggering Flop

By Jeff Everette
Brawl In Boston

A brawl broke out in the second quarter of Wednesday night’s match-up between the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics.  Seeing the Celtics involved in a dust-up is no new thing, but seeing how this one started should have every self respecting basketball fan shaking their head in disgust.

Kevin Garnett drives to the lane and goes up for the shot.  Kris Humphries is guarding, and he goes up for the block.  Garnet gets higher and Humphries misses, swinging his arm through and turning his body as Garnett shoots an air-ball.

Was Garnett fouled?  Yes.  He had not quite gotten the shot off when Humphries hand came into contact with his right face and shoulder area.  The contact hardly seemed enough to cause Garnett to go flying backwards and crashing to the floor, yet that is exactly what happened.

This led to Rajon Rondo getting in Humphries’ chest and giving him a push, which sparked the ensuing melee.  People will claim that Rondo was doing what he was supposed to do, but that is just a garbage defense of another frustrated fit thrown by the Celtics point guard.  It seems to happen a couple of times a season with him.  He gets upset, he gets emotional, and he pouts, whines and has a tantrum.  And this is sad as an NBA fan who respects Rondo and his abilities!  The guy can flat out ball, but it does not diminish the embarrassment of his childish outbursts.

Regardless, it will be said that he took up for his teammate, it makes him a great teammate, and everyone should be so quick to jump to their team’s defense.

Unfortunately for Rondo, he took up for the wrong guy at the wrong time.

Kevin Garnett
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Garnett clearly flops on this play, and anyone who believes otherwise is just fooling themselves.  Look at it again, and then look at it again after that.  Look at it in slow motion, whatever it takes, just look at it and then with a straight face, say that Garnet took a hard shot from Humphries on that possession.  Seriously, how do you defend the guy having his finger pointed at the Nets’ forward before his butt even hit the floor?  He clearly mouths the words “did you see that?” to the nearest ref while pointing to Humphries.

Garnett flopped so bad even Reggie Evans was embarrassed for the seasoned vet, and that’s a guy who has flopping down to a science!  Evans was the first player fined for flopping and even he thinks Garnett should get an Emmy for that performance.

The fact that a fight broke out afterwards should elevate the punishment for his flop.  A simple fine is not enough.  Garnett needs to be suspended for at least one game for causing a scuffle with his pathetic over exaggeration of Humphries’ incidental contact.

It is sad to see Garnett travel down such a lowly road.  He used to be one of the most respected players in the league.  Lately, he has been known for his whining and crying more than his play on the floor.  He will likely be in the Hall of Fame someday, but his behavior over the last few years has done nothing to make the fans feel good about that fact.

Never would I have thought there would be a time when I would see the Big Ticket as the biggest crybaby in the NBA.  It is a sad realization, and ensures the fact I will not be wearing my #21 Minnesota Timberwolves jersey ever again.


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