Phoenix Suns' Goran Dragic Embarrassed With Team's Offensive Meltdown

By John Raffel

Goran Dragic doesn’t quite know what to make of the Phoenix Suns‘ lack of offense in recent games.

But it’s up to the Suns guard and teammates like Markleff Morris, Shannon Brown and Sebastian Telfair to figure it out before the Suns take a nose dive in the standings.

In Wednesday’s 117-77 NBA loss to the Detroit Pistons, Dragic was 3-of-7 from the floor and wound up with 10 points.

“We just lost control and we did not play well,” Dragic said. “We were frustrated and we lost control and our minds and a couple technicals. We could not make a basket or the right play. Just overall it was a terrible game for us.”

Luis Scola had just 11 points and was the leader for a cold-stone Phoenix offense. The bench didn’t come through for Phoenix as it had in its previous four games, outscoring opponents 42-18.

It also hurt that Morris, Brown, Telfair and Dragic all received technicals in the first seven minutes of the second half. Poor play is one thing, but to follow that up with temper tantrums is hardly going to help matters.

What has especially been stunning is the Suns’ lack of scoring. Dragic has been averaging nearly 16 points and three rebounds per game.

“The first two quarters we got some open looks but we did not hit the shots, especially from three points,” Dragic said. “The ball did not go around. Every time we made one or two passes and then we shot the ball; we cannot play like that.”


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