Rajon Rondo Suspended Two Games After Altercation

By Rob Lunder
Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo was involved in an ugly incident last night as he shoved Kris Humphries in the team’s loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

Humphries threw Kevin Garnett to the floor on a contested layup and Rondo came to his teammate’s defense.  He lost his cool and it has resulted in a two game suspension.  Commissioner David Stern has never been known to be a Rondo admirer and if you recall, he suspended him two games for throwing the ball at an official earlier in his career.

The Celtics had to have an idea that this was going to be more than a one game suspension for Rondo.  Since he has been reprimanded before, it seemed logical that the league would punish him more severely.

The Celtics are very fortunate that this did not occur near the end of the season where Rondo would have to miss playoff games.  He was suspended last season during the team’s first round playoff matchup with the Atlanta Hawks and even though they won without him, they would obviously prefer to have him as their starting point guard.

Rondo has to keep his cool more often and you can bet that this type of behavior was one of the main reasons the team entertained trading him all these years.  He is obviously immensely talented, but he sometimes makes too many questionable decisions that hurt the overall team.  The team now has to play the next few games without one of the best players in the league.  The Celtics should survive this stretch but they absolutely cannot afford to lose Rondo for another lengthy spurt again this season.


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