C.J. Miles Has Been A Disappointment So Far For The Cleveland Cavaliers

By Nick Claussen
Howard Smith – US Presswire


Cleveland Cavaliers forward C.J. Miles is a mystery.

And so far this season, he’s not a very good mystery.

The Cavs signed the free agent in the off-season, hoping he would provide some veteran leadership, stability and offense to the team, and he looked very good in the preseason.

In the actual season, though, Miles has looked awful at times and pretty good in other moments.

Early in November, Miles was having a terrible time shooting. In his first three games with the Cavs, for example, Miles went 1 for 5, 3 for 11, and 0 for 6.

He improved some after those first few games, but is still very inconsistent.

He has had some good games, such as when he scored 13 points on 5 for 9 shooting (including going 3 for 4 from three-point range) and pulled down three rebounds in the Cavs 92 to 83 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. He also has had some very good moments in other games, and at times looks like he can be a key player.

Those good moments have been mainly overshadowed, though, by plenty of bad moments. He has shot 3 for 11 in three games, shot 0 for 7 in one game, shot 0 for 6 in another game and has had three games where has had at least 3 turnovers.

He only played 3 minutes in the Cavs 108 to 104 loss to the Orlando Magic, and he is a big part of why the Cavs second unit has been so bad at times. In some games, he makes bad decisions on his shots and the offense just doesn’t flow well while he is in.

The good news is that the season is still young and the Cavs have only played 15 games so far. Miles has had moments where he has looked good driving to the rim or setting up other players, and the Cavs are hoping he can start having more and more of those good moments.

If he can become more consistent and play well as part of the second unit, he can help the bench unit improve greatly, which would in turn help the Cavs win more games.

But if he keeps playing this inconsistently, and so poorly at times, the Cavs are not going to be able to keep playing Miles.

At 3-12, the Cavs need players who are going to bring energy and defense every night. They need the mystery of Miles’ play to be solved soon, or the forward is going to disappear from the Cavs line-up.


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