Denver Nuggets: Playing The Blame Game

By Danny Nicks
Kyle Terada – USPRESSIRE

It was another heart-wrenching last second loss for the Denver Nuggets Thursday night as they fell to the Golden State Warriors at the buzzer.

Unfortunately, it was also the second consecutive loss in which Denver has no one to blame but themselves. From lineups that had David Lee looking like the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain to choking on what felt like countless early Christmas gifts from the refs, the Nuggets are now losing in the fourth quarter like it’s going out of stye.

George Karl‘s decision making late was undeniably suspect. Including, but not limited to the fact he allowed Corey Brewer to play the entire fourth quarter despite going 1-4 from the field and 0-2 at the line, drawing up a lob to literally the shortest professional athlete on the court with 2 seconds remaining, and playing small-ball down the stretch with three sever footers on the sideline.

While Brewer’s inefficiency can somewhat be credited to Karl for leaving him game, his 12 field goal attempts cannot. Obviously someone’s got to take shots, but when you’re shooting 3-8 coming into the fourth it’s time to share the sugar. Brewer tied Andre Iguodala for the most field goal attempts taken in the period.

Speaking of Iguodala, Denver fans are still licking their wounds from his missed game-tying free throw with 3 seconds remaining, and his game-wining buzzer beater that was all of a millisecond too late.

“If I put a stopwatch on, it seems like the clock started early for me,” Karl said. “There’s nothing to argue about. The camera says it’s in his hands.”

As a Nuggets fan it would be nice to see Karl acknowledging the 28-19 run by the Warriors in the fourth that put them in that situation to begin with. Or the fact they were limited to 44 points in the paint. Or the fact they limited the Denver’s second chance points. Or the fact Denver became entirely too reliant on their outside shot.. But no, it was the shot clock.

Nuggets’ Nation doesn’t want excuses, they want improvement. You can look for that improvement live on ESPN tonight at 10:30 PM ET, as Denver faces off against the Los Angeles Lakers. You can also check back daily on Rant Sports for more ramblings on everything blue and gold.

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