Derrick Rose's 'Return' Video Is More Than Just A Documentary

By Brendon Fitzsimons
Dennis Wierzbicki- US Presswire

In the face of a devastating injury, how many players would make it a priority to let their fans know how much they appreciated them and the support they give? I can’t think of many. And yet that’s exactly what Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose has done.

Since tearing his ACL in April last season he has made several short video clips documenting not just his return but who he is and how much basketball and his fans mean to him. In part six of his return (above) we see a side of Rose we have never seen. We see a player who  is “putting everything into his return.” Rose has made it clear that he wants his fans to see another side of him saying that “I just want people to know who I am as a person, I’m not doing it for me, I’m doing it for my fans.” Here is a player who could focus on just himself and his recovery. But instead Rose has made his prerogative to focus on his fans seemingly more than him.

Rose’s ‘return’ video is more than a documentary, it’s an inside look into the life of Chicago’s brightest star. It’s a look into the work ethic and dedication that Rose has put into his rehabilitation and he doesn’t shy away from it. In every video we see clips of him doing various exercises, conditioning and strengthening drills. This clip was no different but it gave us something new; hope. Rose said that he is “working his butt off,” and that his core is stronger, he is working his upper and lower body six times a week, he is lifting to build his body and shooting in the gym. When he talks about his team he says that, “they see me lifting all the time, shootin’, just trying to do extra just to show them that just because I’m not on the court with them that I’m still working my butt off so that I can get back on the court as quick as possible.”

We expected Rose to rise from his injury, we expected him to come back in good form and in better shape. But these videos are proving that he is doing more than expected. These videos are showing us first hand that he will come back not just a little better but much better. He will come back as an entirely rebuilt player and for Chicago fans and NBA fans there is no better news.

Rose’s video clips are not just a documentary, they’re a promise, they’re a guarantee, they’re something that Chicago fans can look to when they need inspiration for seasons to come. They’re an inside look into who Rose is inside and outside. These videos are meant to get Chicago fans all in and to put their faith behind their brightest star because -as these videos show- he will not disappoint them.

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