Phoenix Suns offer money-back guarantee if fans don’t have fun

By David Charnley
Phoenix Suns money back
David Richard-US Presswire

The Phoenix Suns have offered their fans a drastic offer that if they do not have fun they will get their money back.

Attendances have been dwindling at the US Airways center and are on track to have the lowest per-game fan turnout since 1992.

The Suns marketing department have come up with an innovative scheme that if fans are not happy with what they have seen they can get their money back.

“Next Thursday, the Phoenix Suns will be the first team in NBA history to guarantee its fans that they will have fun at the game against the Mavericks, or they can get their money back,” ESPN reports.

“After that game, I think we were all struck by the fact that so many people were leaving our building with a smile on their face,’ said Suns president Jason Rowley, who took over as team president this summer.

“Normally, when a team loses fans are down. But not with us. And that was an eye-opening moment.”

There are potentially a handful of reasons for the decline in attendances, the lowest since they moved into the Us Airways center back in 1992.

The economic structure has been struggling, fans simply don’t have enough cash to spend on luxury purchases such as going to watch a mediocre basketball team. The Suns have failed to reach the playoffs in the last two seasons, and during the post Steve Nash era things are not improving on the court.

After losing their two time NBA MVP there isn’t a stand out start that attracts the crowds. This is something that has been picked up on and Rowley has admitted.

“That’s a big part of why we’re doing this,

“Just because our players don’t have huge name recognition doesn’t mean we’re not fun to watch and can’t compete.

“Sure, people relate to star power, but we believe in the team aspect and we’re marketing this team as a team instead of a group of individuals.”

The game will come against the Dallas Mavericks and the ‘Satisfaction Guarantee Night’ will be able to give fans who don’t normally get out to the games a chance to see what they can offer.

In what is a brave and interesting decision by the marketing team, it would be good to see the Suns rewarded. No doubt there are going to be some fans who will collect a refund but, with a good performance they might well just gain some more fans as the long term gains could out weigh short term costs.

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