San Antonio Spurs Did Nothing Wrong Sitting Players

By Andy Schmidt
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

There has been a lot said about what the San Antonio Spurs did last night resting four players during their game at the Miami Heat. There are fans out there who feel cheated that they didn’t get to see the likes of Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. I look at it this way, the Spurs were looking ahead to much later in the season and towards playoff time when they will need Parker and Duncan the most. It isn’t the easiest decision to make for sure, but with how the Spurs’ schedule has been this season and with Thursday night’s game being San Antonio’s fourth road game in five days, I can understand what went on.

It’s no different in any sport. For instance, if you headed out to see the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter was getting a day off, would you be upset about the fact that Jeter isn’t in the lineup? There is no doubt you would but you would understand in due time that maybe he had played every game that season up until the game you had attended. It is not a calculated plan to have him sit just because you are there that day.

I’m sure there will be others that will think differently and think that comparing basketball to baseball is like comparing apples to oranges, but fans in Miami got a very good game to watch last night even with all those players sitting out. They got their money’s worth out of the game and got to see their stars having to perform in crunch time.

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