Top 10 Overrated NBA Players

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Top 10 Overrated Players In The NBA

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Are you one of those people who gets tired of hearing about certain players knowing that they are not that great. Well, this is the topic for you.

There are tons of players in the NBA that the media talks about over and over again and they have not done much to help their team. It's always been that way ever since TV and the internet became a popular place to get news.

In the past few years it was about Dwight Howard in what he was going to do once he became a free agent. Was he staying with the Orlando Magic or would he end up somewhere else? However, is Howard an overrated player? I mean look at him. He had talent around him when he was in Orlando and was only able to get to the Finals once, but was not able to get the job done.

If he is not able to get it done with the Los Angeles Lakers who has Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant then would he be consider a very overrated player? Of course, no question about it. He already has the title “Superman”, but has not proved anything yet besides winning multiple Defensive Player Of The Year Awards.

He is not the only one who I would consider overrated. To me an overrated player is someone who has not accomplished much in the NBA, but still is considered by the media and fans a top notch athlete. Here are the top ten players who are overrated.

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#10 Carlos Boozer

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Carlos Boozer is someone that everybody wanted during his prime and even now. He is suppose to be the one who will keep the Chicago Bulls on top until Derrick Rose returns late this season.

However, he was never able to put the Utah Jazz over the top. If he did not do it in Utah then he is not going to do it in Chicago. That is why it may be awhile before Rose wins his first NBA title.

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#9 Russell Westbrook

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He may have been on my top ten shooters, but I do believe he is overrated. He is going to need to be a big part in the Oklahoma City Thunder's success.

To do so he is going to need to step it up in a big way and if the Thunder fail to get to the Finals in the next coming seasons then it may be because of Russell Westbrook.

Even though he is still a young player he is the “quarterback” for this team. Right now, to me, he is an overrated player because he has not shown me he can be that “QB” for his team.

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#8 Blake Griffin


What? Blake Griffin overrated? Yes!

He is a terrific low post player, but can he really lead the Los Angeles Clippers to the promise land? It may be early to rank him as an overrated player, but in little over two years he has been a Superstar around the basketball world.

It may be because the way he “throws it down.” However, it may take some time before the Clippers do much in the NBA and maybe Griffin is not the answer. If he is then great. If he is not then it may be because that Griffin is not yet ready to perform in the next level.

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#7 Amar'e Stoudemire


When Amar'e Stoudemire signed with the New York Knicks it was like the second coming for New York fans. They forgot that when he was with the Phoenix Suns that the Suns never made it to the NBA Finals. That was a team with Steve Nash, Joe Johnson and Shawn Marion.

The Knicks are on a great start this season, but I believe it will not last all season long. If the Knicks fail to go far this season it will be because of Stoudemire. What will really prove that he is an overrated guy is that if he goes else where and the Knicks end up going far in the near future.

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#6 Rajon Rondo


Rajon Rondo is a good guard, but he is highly overrated. If I had to choose between him and another young guard I would choose the young guard.

Rondo believes he is good and so does a lot of fans, but it could be because the first time he entered the post-season in 2008 won the NBA Championship. It probably got in his head and his fan's heads that he was a top five guard in the NBA.

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#5 Andrew Bynum


Andrew Bynum has not made his official debut with the Philadelphia 76ers since he has been out due to injury. However, when he does return everyone will see if he is really worth the money and the hype.

He has spent his whole career with the Lakers and has only been really effective in the past few seasons. During the lockout season last year he had his best year. He averaged 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds a game.

However, his immaturity has limited him to become a great center. He is a terrific player, but he has yet to make that jump. It may take awhile for him to step up in Philadelphia and if he does then great. If he doesn't then he will be like other big men that has come and gone in the NBA.

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#4 James Harden

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Is James Harden an overrated player? Lets look what he has done so far.

He won the Sixth Man Of The Year award last season and help the Thunder to their first NBA Finals appearance since moving to Oklahoma. However, during those Finals he did not show up causing them to lose.

Now that he is with the Houston Rockets will he turn them around? Can he become a MVP type player? He could be, but if he fails to show up in the post-season then why call him an elite player? He may be a great shooter, but without winning big games when it counts he will be consider, in my opinion, an overrated player.

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#3 Deron Williams


Personally, I am a Deron Williams fan since he is from my home area in North Texas. However, he is one guy in the NBA that is highly overrated. He is a good baller, do not get me wrong, but he has not proven much since entering the league in 2005.

The first five and half years he spent with Utah him and Boozer was not able to push the Jazz to the next level. Even now with the Brooklyn Nets when they were in New Jersey.

If the Nets do not win anything in the near future then there is no question in my mind that Williams will be considered very overrated.

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#2 Dwight Howard

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Howard was only able to take the Magic to one Finals, but lost that one. Every other season was early elimination in the post-season.

He wanted to be traded to Brooklyn then when that went down the drain he was traded to the Lakers. I believe he was overrated in Orlando and he is going to be overrated in L.A. If the Lakers fail to win the Conference title or the NBA Finals then no question Howard becomes an overrated talent.

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#1 Joe Johnson

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Another Net that is overrated is Johnson. If the Nets fail to make or win the Finals in the next three years would it really be a surprise?

If he could not win when he was with the Suns who had Nash, Stoudemire and Marion. Why would it be any different with the Nets?

He failed to take the Hawks anywhere when he decided to go there instead of staying with Phoenix and I believe the same situation is going to happen with the Nets.