20 NBA Players Who Could Beat LeBron James 1-on-1

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20 NBA Players Who Could Beat LeBron James 1-on-1

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LeBron James would beat the vast majority of the NBA in a game of one-on-one ten times out of ten. But there are a few players he might only beat six-to-nine times out of ten. While most, if not all, of these players would probably struggle to defend the 6'8", 250lb behemoth, they can generate points and might be able to provide enough D to win. There is certainly a possibility of that happening with all these players. LeBron can be beaten at least some of the time by these guys. And it is in celebration of that slight sense of basketball mortality that I present this list to you. Here are the top 15 NBA players who stand the greatest chance of beating King James on the playground.

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Kobe Bryant

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We begin with Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba remains one of the best scorers in the game and still has the physical capabilities to match up with just about anyone. Bryant said himself that he thinks he would beat James due to LeBron's unselfish style of play. Tell me you wouldn't pay to see that game.

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Kevin Durant

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Kevin Durant might be the league's most complete offensive player. Which means that he could attack LeBron in a number of different ways and score efficiently. He might not have the athletic gifts that James does, but he's a little taller and a little better shooting from range. That gives him a shot.

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Dirk Nowitzki

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Dirk Nowitzki spoiled LeBron's first season with the Miami Heat by winning the NBA title and the Finals MVP as the centerpiece of his Dallas Mavericks team. His turnaround, one-legged jumper is unguardable and at seven feet, Dirk has the size to rise up over the King from anywhere on the court.

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Carmelo Anthony

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Carmelo Anthony came into the league at the same time as LeBron and has lived in his shadow somewhat. But Melo's offensive game is nothing to overlook. Like Durant, Melo can score from anywhere. Unlike Durant, Melo also has the frame to take it down low against James and come out on top.

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Russell Westbrook

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Russell Westbrook is an athletic freak. He gives up some size to LeBron, but he has a phenomenal pull-up jumper and a lightning quick first step that would allow him to take it to the rim against a bigger, stronger opponent. There's also the fact that he could probably jump over your house.

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Dwyane Wade

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Dwyane Wade had to be on this list. You think a fiery competitor like Wade wouldn't pull out all the stops to win this one? He would love the fact that the odds would be against him and relish the chance to show once and for all that he is still the alpha dog in Miami. If there was one person you could count on to be that ruthless to a friend, it's Dwyane Wade.

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James Harden

The Beard
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James Harden has come into his own since being traded. He now has his own team where he is the primary offensive option and that has allowed him to better showcase his considerable talents. He has great shooting range and touch and he works off the dribble as well as anyone. The quick lefty gives up some size, but he has great footwork and a snappy jumper that would keep LeBron honest.

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Monta Ellis

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Monta Ellis has never been on a good team. But that isn't to say that he isn't one of the best offensive players in the league. Ellis is about as explosive as they come and has shown in the past that he can go on scoring runs that would make Wilt Chamberlain blush. If he got hot against LeBron, there's not telling what might happen.

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Chris Paul

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Chris Paul may be pound-for-pound the toughest player in the NBA. He also might be the most clutch player in the league. Combine that with his quickness and court-awareness and he becomes a nightmare for anyone in a one-on-one situation. He might be a pass-first point guard, but he has shown he can take over a game and score at will. That makes him a dangerous opponent even for LeBron.

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Stephen Curry

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Stephen Curry is another one of those guys that can just shoot from anywhere. He hits threes for fun and has good quickness off the dribble. He also has some pretty silky footwork under the rim and can make defenders bite on any number of ball-fakes, head-fakes and jab-steps.

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Dwight Howard

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Dwight Howard might be the only guy on this list who is actually stronger than LeBron. He has the size advantage too at 6'11" and would be able to take LeBron into the post without sentencing himself to defeat. Howard's defense is top notch also, he might actually be the only guy on this list that could think about beating James with his D.

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Jamal Crawford

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Jamal Crawford is as polished a scorer as they come. He's been a Sixth Man Of The Year winner precisely because of his incredible ability to generate ludicrous amounts of offense off the bench in limited minutes. While that doesn't guarantee him victory in this type of game, it definitely leaves him in with a shout.

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Kevin Love

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Kevin Love is a little taller than LeBron, is an elite rebounder and can shoot all the way out to the 3-point arc. He'll smother any loose balls or missed shots and he can make you pay with his own smooth offensive game. Much like Dirk Nowitzki, Love's height and quick release on the J help neutralize LeBron's defensive prowess.

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Deron Williams

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Deron Williams is a tough point guard who plays very unselfish basketball. But he grew up shooting from crazy distances in his back yard, and as a result he has a lethal weapon for this game. He's quick enough to get to the rim, but if he starts heating up from mid-range or outside, he becomes very dangerous.

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Blake Griffin

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Blake Griffin is the only guy on this list who might be as athletic, if not more so, than LeBron James. We've all seen the dunk highlights and all that by now. But Blake's athleticism gives him a huge advantage in one-on-one. If you can out-athlete someone, and they're the only one standing in your way, it becomes pretty clear what you have to do. Use your athleticism to overpower your opponent. If Blake could do that against James, he could win that game.

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Paul George

USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

The NBA's fastest rising star can handle Lebron in a real game, so a game of 1-on-1 would be no big deal.

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Andre Iguodala

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USA Today Sports

Iguodala is a better shooter than Lebron. Not to mention, he's way more clutch.

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Derrick Rose

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USA Today Sports

Once D-Rose is back to 100 percent, he'd have no problem taking down 'the king' in a game of 1-on-1. Especially, if he improves his jumpshot.

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Kyrie Irving

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USA Today Sports

Some people think Lebron could be teammates with Irving one day. But even if they're not, Irving has all the moves to take down No. 6 in good old fashioned game of 1-on-1.

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John Wall

USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

Wall is still young and honing his skills, but he already has enough in his playbook to dethrone the King.

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  • 357snub

    after melo this list looks stupid

    • Steven

      So, Kobe or Durant couldn’t beat LeBron? Yeah, you aren’t correct.



        • Farva55

          You do know he basically said every player after Melo would lose to LeBron right?

      • Adam M

        In a list that includes melo, everyone AFTER melo on that list could not beat LeBron. I know that it wasn’t written in perfect grammar, but the message was clear to everybody else.

  • Kris Atwater

    Take Kobe and D-Wade (who couldn’t touch LeBron) out and Lebron has more championships than the rest of that list, combined…also…list is crap. 75% of that list couldn’t stop LeBron from scoring one single possession…Only Kobe, Durant, Howard, and Melo could have a shot…My guess is Lebron beats at least 3 out of those 4….So put me down for maybe 1 of them could take LeBron

    • Steven

      LeBron is over-rated.

      • SportsGenius705

        LeBron is a baby. If it wasn’t for Allen hitting that 3, LeBron would still be the biggest laughingstock in the NBA. MJ>LBJ

        • Michael A Vance

          Does anybody remember who hit the three before Ray Allen’s??? anybody??? Anybody. Also it cracks me up when people like M.J better than Lebron when M.J was just as big of a cry baby and more arrogant. Take that Genius out of your name. Anybody remember who hit the 20 foot jumper to seal the deal and the five threes. The 30 plus points???? goodness. Lebron could win three in a row and people would still hate on him. Not saying he’s better than M.J, but Lebron did win his first title before….any guesses???? Not to mention, if it’s just titles we’re talking about Bill Russell is the greatest of all time.

          • SportsGenius705

            Do you remember when LeBron turned the ball over 3 times in the last minute 30 and missed 2 jumpers? The Spurs GIFTED the Heat a title. ONE of the 3 missed free throws, we’re not even having this conversation.

            MJ was 6-0 in one of the toughest era’s in the history of the game. You couldnt’ go to the lane without getting clotheslined back in that day. Now a days, LeBon mean mugs everyone on a normal playoff foul and the NBA gives flagrants. Joke.

            Bill Russell one of the all time greats. Better than LeBron. Different era where there weren’t many big men. A lot easier for skill big men to dominate.

            LeBron will go down as a top talent, but he CANT and WONT surpass number 1. Michael Jordan.

            Take the LeBron wee-wee out of your mouth and get a clue.

          • Michael A Vance

            wee-wee???? are we two years old again??? And Not once did I say he would ever surpass M.J. I just responded to you saying Lebron would have been the biggest laughingstock in the NBA, which is a much more laughable statement considering the fact that even if he does not surpass M.J he will be a first-ballot among countless other achievements. If you wanna look at laughingstocks, there are many other players that fit that category better than Lebron.

          • Michael A Vance

            On a separate, friendlier note, are you on the same page as Effen down there saying that Dirk could take Lebron 10 out of 10 times??

          • SportsGenius705

            Okay. That’s going a little too far there.

          • SportsGenius705

            Wel- I could have said Penis or a different word but i don’t know how Rant monitors their comments so I took a shot with “wee-wee.”

            LeBron will prob set records all over the place due to being in the league an extra 7-10 years over MJ and a few of the others. Playing long enough to break records doesn’t mean you’re the GOAT.

            LeBron is a physical monster. The good lord gave him some incredible gifts. However, he quit on his team in the postseason on more than one occasion. Bolted to join a “dream team” while colluding with players to “team up”. Choked down the stretch only to watch the Spurs choke harder and Ray Allen saving him.

            LOST in the finals to a worse team (Mavericks) AFTER getting 2 other all stars and ring chasers to team up.

            LeBron will be ONE of the GOAT players- but he will NEVER be THE GOAT.

          • Devon Leaston

            is it easy being wrong all the time or do you practice?

          • SportsGenius705

            Well, at least that was clear and concise.

          • DC

            Yoo cuz u b retarded, go bak to preschool and laern yo ABCS

          • Baylor Bear

            I’d just like to throw my two cents about your statements. Yes many of them do have a logical point but Mavericks being the worst team is obviously a fallacy, since they you know, won.

          • Devon Leaston

            you’re stupid bro talking hypothetical situations he had turnovers n they still won to say the spurs gifted with anything is idiotic n straight up week so your saying the spurs wanted to lose your a joke n shut up about the eras they’re called eras cuz they’re DIFFERENT meaning DIFFERENT PLAYERS Lebron literally was shitting in that game all the threes BEFORE ray allens shot which is still amazing step back clear your mind and read your comment out loud if no one slaps the stupid out you theres no hope you just like hearing these responses dont you you sick fuck you

          • SportsGenius705

            Clearly, I don’t speak the same language as you. Tell you what, when you go back to school, get an education, and learn how to speak correctly, ill respond.

          • Rylie

            If you really want to be a smartass about language, you didn’t use “ill” right.

          • SportsGenius705

            Go back to school. I’ll- I will. I will respond. Good to see this country harping on english class.

            Note Sarcasm

          • DC

            Bruh which u b talkin bout doet! Yo dis nigga is retarded

          • Maynard G. Krebs

            tell me what great teams jordan beat for a title

          • Farva55

            If someone needs to explain that to you, you’re far too stupid to understand greatness.

          • Maynard G. Krebs

            if someone can’t explain something that usually means they don’t have a freaking clue

          • Farva55

            Yeah- the magic led 91 Lakers sucked….So did the powerful Sonics with the Glove, Kemp etc….Stockton/Malone? Best pick and roll duo of all time? Mediocre right????

            If you think any of the teams today could beat any of those teams in the 90s? WRONG. The Heat would get beaten up and cry to David Stern.

          • Maynard G. Krebs

            The ‘91 Lakers were a donut team (a hole in the middle) and
            without Michael Cooper and Kurt Rambis to boot. Sorry not that good. Elden Campbell and Vlade Divac don’t count as power players and Big Smooth played at the three-point line.

            So who else did Utah have? Ostertag? Hornacek was good but
            Malone was a choke. Not that good. Sorry.

            Portland. Jerome Kersey. Kevin Duckworth. Clyde the Glide. Could be the stupidest team in NBA history. A joke.

            Seattle. Kemp was a great neckdown player but very stupid.
            Payton was about half as good as he thought and then who did they have? Sorry. Not that good.

            Phoenix. They had Barkley, who was still great, and the
            chokers Thunderless Dan and Kevin Johnson. Oliver Miller should have eaten the Bulls for lunch. Literally

            Now did those bulls every face anyone like the 85-86 Celtics
            Bird, McHale, Walton. Parish Ainge Johnson Wedman or the 83-84 Celtics with Bird McHale (as 6th man) Cornbread Maxwell Ainge Johnson Wedman

            Or a Laker team with Scott Magic Jabbar Worthy Wilkes Cooper
            McAdoo in 83-84. Philly with Malone Toney Free Erving, Cheeks Bobby Jones

            All-Stars or Hall of Famers all

            The answer is NO!

          • Farva55

            Idiotic is by far the best adjective I can come up with in regards to your post.

          • Maynard G. Krebs

            coming from you that’s high praise seeing as how your reply was so objective, fact-filled and thoughtful. you know nothing about basketball except what brent musberger tells you.

          • Farva55

            False. I played college basketball. Nice try though.

            Don’t blame me for your inability to understand the game at a high level.

          • DC

            For who ur mom

          • Julian Dinkins

            When the Bulls needed Jordan and he failed he scored 30 +points. When the Heat needed Lebron and he succeeded he scored 30+ points.
            When the Bulls needed Jordan and he succeeded he scored 50 or 60 and many times back to back nights and with a far better shooting percentage than Lebron and even through double, triple or whole teams . Not even in the same universe.

          • Michael A Vance

            Do you have a stat you’d like to share besides points?? The thing is this: Michael Jordan over a career averaged a little over 30 points per game. Lebron James is sitting 2.5 points per game behind Jordan. Lebron James, has out rebounded Michael Jordan, out assisted Michael Jordan, and out blocked Michael Jordan. Before you bring up T/O to assist ratio, Lebron James has him beat there as well. Lebron James makes up the point discrepancy by his 1.6 assists per game career better average than Jordan. 1.6 assists per game is equal to just a tiny bit over 3 points a game at the minimum. A lot of Lebron James’ assists have come from 3 point field goals. Shooting Percentage. Michael Jordan over a career shoots better from 2 point field goal range by 7 hundredths of a percent. Lebron James shoots six hundredths of a percent better from the three point line. The exact numbers being Michael Jordan shooting .497 for his career from 2 pt. FG range, and Lebron james .49 Percent from 2 pt. FG range. Michael Jordan shot .327 from the arc with Lebron James shooting a tenth of a percentage better at .337. That’s a bigger difference in shooting percentage from the three point line than the discrepancy between the two players from inside the line. However, since there are a larger amount of 2 pt. field goals taken, I’ll be willing to let the shooting percentages cancel each other out. Lebron did have a higher shooting percentage this season than Michael Jordan ever had in a season in his career, but that does play into the career average so I am speaking with some redundancy there.

          • Michael A Vance

            As far as triple doubles are concerned. Lebron James 34, Michael Jordan 31. Lebron’s probably halfway through his career. The only thing that’s really left for me is championships. If Lebron gets as many championships as Jordan, he has to be put in contention for the greatest player of all time. Before everyone freaks out about that statement, I said in contention with, I didn’t say better.

          • SportsGenius705

            MJ never lost. LeBron has twice. LeBron is going to play more seasons than MJ. MJ had 2 different 3 peats. Crunch time, Jordan was deadly, LeBron is average. He’ll never be touched.

          • DC

            Lebron be a fuck nigga that is why

          • richie famus

            You have noticed how garbage the east has been right? Not taking anything from Lebron but just stop it, he’s not as good as Jordan. And even if he one day did become better, that day isn’t today. Lets stop the foolish comparisons until he’s finished. Right now, Kobe is still greater than him. Period.

          • Michael A Vance

            I’ll grant you the east hasn’t been fantastic for quite some time. But it was much better this year than say three years ago. At least you have a knicks team with a Carmello Anthony, Iman Shumpert, J.R smith is beneficial some nights. I reserve the right for a disclaimer on the J.R portion due to the fact he can make or break a team solely on shot selection. Tyson Chandler, Raymond Felton. Not exactly scrubs. The Bulls were a bummer due to a D-rose injury but they did over perform. Celtics weren’t much to speak of. The nets had loads of talent, just trying to put it together. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with 5 guys in the starting line up that average 15 points plus a game. D-Rose will be back this season. I’m not disagreeing with your comment at all, I’m just saying the east is slightly better and has potential more so than the past 5 years. and Granted the east has been crappy, the Heat still have to go through the best Western team to win the finals, although I would see your point if you were to claim that they did not have to go through the divisional round, quarterfinals and semi finals against the west. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the east verse the west scratched all together and having completely reconstructed divisions.

          • richie famus

            Oh yes I agree that the east has some good talent, just not too many good teams in many years but improving. But for the Heat not to make the finals over the past few years would have been a complete shock and failure. That’s not how the NBA was when MJ played. Plus if you’re good they would just hack you up, hand check etc…Todays players have it easier Mike. Though you are obviously no fool when it comes to sports talk, I just feel as tho comparing Lebron to Jordan (at this point) isn’t realistic.

          • Michael A Vance

            From a championship standpoint. Sure, Kobe wins. Statistically, not even a comparison. Lebron James literally wins every statistical category except for free throw percentage. He out blocks, out rebounds, out steals, out shoots, (3 pt percentage, FG percentage, and PPG) and out assists Kobe. He averages three tenths of a turnover more than Kobe but Lebron’s Assist to turnover ration blows Kobe out of the water. Kobe would’ve stood a better chance, but didn’t learn how to start playing unselfish basketball until 4 or 5 years ago. The only thing that keeps that comment from being a complete “ROFL” is the title factor.

          • richie famus

            LOL…Ok, you’re right about the overall statistics. But do they take into account Kobe always throwing up 30 footers at the end of a shot clock or half? Kobe also has shown that he can be near the top of the league in assist if he wanted, he was great taking on a point guard roll whenever he decided to last year. He also passes A LOT when he plays for team USA. I think the talent around him dictates how much he shoots… Well he does shoot a lot (too much sometimes) but my point is that the numbers don’t always tell the story…. It almost seemed like Jordan would Will his team to win, and you got the sense that he wouldn’t allow defeat. AND HE NEVER DID. Lebron doesn’t have that. Kobe doesn’t either, but he has a lot more of it than Lebron has. If you took away Shaq/Gasol and inserted Bill Cartwright…..I’m afraid to answer how many titles Kobe would have lol. Then again, he should be allowed at least one great teammate, everyone else has had one or more. Likewise, if you team Lebron/Wade with Will Perdue and Bill Wennington I don’t see ANY titles, especially not in the Jordan era. Just by what i’ve seen on the court and not looking at percentages….I like Kobe way more than Lebron. Like Jordan, Kobe also has been a great one on one defender, many times making all league defense. If Lebron goes down to injury (God Forbid) NO WAY IS HIS LEGACY BETTER THAN KOBE’S right now.

          • Michael A Vance

            Kobe does have a great legacy. and he has proven he can put up the assists. And Until Lebron develops a great clutch game, Kobe and M.J will always have Lebron’s number in the last two minutes of the game. However, his big knock before was not taking the big shot. Go back to game six of 2012 finals versus OKC. Charlie horse and knocks down a three. I know people think he faked it, which is ridiculous considering his whole vendetta was due to the fact that he was getting criticized. Game 7 took the game clinching shot. It took him two shots to make the first three in game 6 against the spurs but he still took it and made one. The old Lebron would have passed it out to a Mario Chalmers or Shane Battier. Not to mention the only reason they were in the game was because as you put it, he “willed his team to stay in the game in the entire fourth quarter.” No his legacy and his clutch are not anywhere near Kobe’s or M.J’s. not yet. I don’t know if it will ever be, but it is developing, but if it develops anywhere close to what M.J’s clutch factor was, watch out NBA. The last thing I’ll say is when you go back to the 07 finals against the Spurs. Yeah they got whooped. But who did Lebron have on his team. Zydrunas Iglauskas, Larry Hughes, Mo williams, Wally Szerbiak, maybe. The entire reason the team made it to the finals was because Lebron willed his team there. They just met a Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobli at their peak. Nothing you can do about that. Lebron James is incredible, but like you said, it takes one great teammate to allow for someone to win the finals: He may not have one that year, but he got them there playing the entire season by himself. And it’s not like he hasn’t hit clutch shots. He’s hit tons of them, just not quite in as big of situations. I do want to go back one more time to the 09 playoffs when the Cavs got beat by the magic. Game 1 or game 2 (I’m ashamed I can’t remember, but he hit that buzzer beater, and you can quote me on this, with 0.9 on the clock to win from about 4 feet behind the three point line. Against the Indiana pacers, game winning layup. Not quite the same clutch game as everybody wants to see, but he is now demanding the ball in the big moments, which is the step everybody wanted to see him take. now what will he do with it.

            BTW Love talking sports with someone who doesn’t get butt hurt about every little comment. Love it when you make a legit argument and back it up with evidence and you get called a “hater.” I may be a huge Bron fan, but I know he still has work to do to scratch the legacy of one such as an M.J

          • richie famus

            I just agreed with everything you said. And yeah, I’d never turn into a internet gangster over some article or blog, especially sports. lol As I said, I admit you know your stuff. I can’t debate anything that you said. I agree that if Lebron becomes as clutch down the wire as Kobe, then MJ, he will surpass Kobe (I know he will in a lot of minds anyway but thats because Kobe is so hated) and be in the conversation with MJ. Different era’s so there will never be a clear cut winner here. But we agreed to early, hmmm… you do know that Jon Jones is the best MMA fighter right?? lol..Gotta try to spark another debate. As for Lebron vs. Kobe…Kobe is just my favorite player. I like his skill set. My opinion is much more of a personal preference for the flashy skill set and determination that Kobe has. Lebron is a ridiculous player. He achieves his greatness/numbers in different ways than Kobe. I already know that on his current path he will surpass Kobe in most minds but don’t think he can pass MJ. You never know tho, I however still love to root against him. lol

          • SportsGenius705

            And it’s impossible to think LeBron passes as much as he does to try and rack up his numbers? LeBron cares WAY more about his numbers than MJ did. MJ was about one thing: Beating the hell out of his opponent.

          • SportsGenius705

            If LeBron is SOOOOOOOOOO great, can you please tell us all why LEBRON lost in the finals to the Dallas Mavericks? With a super team?

          • SportsGenius705

            If we’re going to compare shooting percentages to determine the GOAT, might as well throw Reggie Miller in there. Give me a break.

            If Jordan played in this era of “Vagina” basketball, he’d be averaging 45-47 a night and making someone like LeBron cry defensively.

            LeBron- “He touched me too hard!” Tears
            MJ- “HEHEHEHE, fast break dunk.

          • DC

            Cuz he b a fuck nigga bang bang

          • Joe Namath

            You’re looking at FG % and calling it 2 point %. James is 52.8% for 2 point FG% if you take out the 3′s from total attempts and makes. Jordan is 51.0%. Your stats on 3′s were correct and the reason Jordan has a higher overall FG% is because he attempted almost no 3′s relative to his total FG%. James comes out way ahead on true shooting % which is an actual measure of efficiency from the field because it weights 3′s as they should be weighted. Jordan was a better FT shooter so that balances out their efficiency to some degree, but Lebron is a better passer and played in a slower paced era so he’s probably the better offensive player statistically. Jordan got way more steals and has better defensive stats, but his numbers are again inflated a little because of the era he played in (more possessions and more steals back then). It’s not easy to say who is the better defender, because James’ defensive game isn’t based off getting steals or blocks – he stays in front of his opponent and forces them to pass or take tough jump shots because they can’t get around him (also the reason he doesn’t foul much). People don’t tend to iso against Lebron because he has an advantage over almost anyone 1 on 1 and most of his steals and blocks come from help defense whereas Jordan’s sometimes came from gambling like Kobe and sometimes getting burnt.

            In my opinion, James is slightly more talented and I think their offensive numbers at least make it a debate so it really comes down to how you look at their defense and how much credit you give James for his versatility and physical dominance or Jordan for his stats. I’d still take Jordan to build a team around because he’s one of the few clutch players of all time (most players shoot worse at the end of games in pressure situations including Kobe and Lebron while Jordan somehow became a dangerous jump shooter).

          • Maynard G. Krebs

            people are so seduced by stats in basketball; they are generally meaningless. it’s the reality of the whole player in the game that matters. that’s why bill russell will always be the greatest

          • Michael A Vance

            i almost took that comment seriously until i saw bill russell as the greatest player of all time. the only thing that would support that would be titles. and that’s another stat. so nope. rofl

          • Maynard G. Krebs

            yeah the only thing, which is the most important thing. people have forgotten about team skills. 11 out of 13, two in a row, 55 straight, 1 gold are pretty good stats. oh yeah the final score is also a stat.

            bobby knight says he’d take russell first in any sport. love to see you argue with him.

            whats your basketball resume

          • Michael A Vance

            enough to know my resume tells me bobby knight didn’t even coach in the NBA. ask phil jackson or any other NBA head coach who got beat by Michael Jordan on a last second shot.

          • Maynard G. Krebs

            well you know it’s funny how things work out sometimes. time.com asked jackson that very question in may of this year and this is what old action jackson had to say:

            One thing you have to say for former Lakers Coach Phil Jackson: He’s not afraid to give his opinion.

            Jackson sat down with Time.com on Thursday for an interview to promote his new book. One of the questions asked: If he was starting a team from scratch, and could pick any player in NBA history to be on that team, who would he pick?

            Kobe Bryant? Michael Jordan? No. Bill Russell.

            “In my estimation, the guy that has to be there would be Bill Russell. He has won 11 championships as a player,” Jackson said in the Time interview. “I think that’s really the idea of what excellence is, when you win championships.”

            i think i’ll take coach knight’s resume over yours. god i can’t stop laughing. come on out to indiana and we’ll teach you how the game should be played.

          • DC

            And no one cares…………………………………………………………

          • Maynard G. Krebs

            just titles? the man was the greatest team player in the greatest team sport which is why no one has ever come close to him

          • richie famus

            Well you are correct although I don’t believe Lebron should be mentioned anywhere near in the same breath when making a comparison to MJ. Lebron also has way easier opposition in the east than Jordan did. The heat have been a virtual lock to play in the championship. Still, you’re right, ‘Bron deserves more credit. He’s really good, just not MJ good.

          • Mark H

            Jordan didn’t change teams to team up with another top 5-10 in the league, as well as a team loaded with good role players. Pippen developed under Michael’s wings…by the way. Jordan would be Lebron 8 out of every 10…Jordan was an awesome talent, a fierce competitor, and could beat you at the mind games. I would love to have seen Rodman in his day against Lebron today matched up. Rodman wouldn’t let Lebron see daylight. btw I hated the Bulls, but I appreciated Jordan [more so after his 1st comeback] and Rodman [aside from the circus that developed after he left Detroit].

          • thetruth1111

            I will agree with you that SG705 is just a Lebron hater and a idiot, but I disagree with you about MJ. MJ would never had let the game be that close in the closing moments. Lebron missed two crtical shoots at the end and looked real bad taking them. He was bailed out by Chris Bosh getting the rebound and Popivich being stupid by taking out Duncan when he should have been in there for rebounding purposes.

          • Michael A Vance

            I agree with you on the shots, and on the bad coaching call. However, go back a couple years, and Lebron doesn’t even make the 3 that he did make, he certainly doesn’t make the game sealing 19 footer in game 7. Lebron James, not only is the best player in the world today, anybody who tells me differently is just stupid, but he finds an aspect in his game that needs work in the offseason every year, and improves it. 2 years ago he had the potential in the post, and he polished his post moves and his post fades and hooks and turnarounds. so what does the defense do????? they pack the paint, the next year Lebron comes out firing 40 plus percent from the downtown. I respect Lebron not because I’m a bandwagon fan, but because of his work ethic. Personally I hope he works on his free throws in the offseason lol. However, I never once claimed that Lebron was better than Michael Jordan, but you have to put him in the conversation with a few more title wins.

      • Devon Leaston

        oh yeah definitley even tho stats say different

      • jacoby newman

        look at heat hater show get ready for the heat to repeat faggots.

      • DC

        Fuckin right

    • Farva55

      You’re an idiot. 1? Really? LeBron would be crying for fouls in a 1-1 game.

      • Devon Leaston

        who the fuck gives fouls in 1-1 games your dismissed

        • Farva55

          It must suck to lack intelligence.

          • Devon Leaston

            yo i played basketball there are fouls hard fouls but most of the time its mutual agreement you said give fouls they arent given and my point was how would you know what he’d do in a 1 on 1 game?

          • Devon Leaston

            is that your actual photo i bet it is oh and what was that about intelligence says the person who cant upload a photo…hating on a player who won 4 out of 5 possible mvps 2 rings 3 finals trips in a row and is in his prime despite what you or i think sounds like your lacking a little yourself my friend i could break it down easy i admit before my comment came off strong but please with that bullshit bring facts and we can start and i mean facts that are relevent not something on 1 on 1 games lol that was a good one though

          • Farva55

            You played basketball? Great. So did I. Cool.

          • Devon Leaston

            for a team timmy dipshit cmon you knew what i meant i still don’t get your hate for lebron though which is the topic at hand to be honest i wasnt talking to you in my first comment who the fuck are you so much intelligence can’t upload a pic or give a reason for what you said i could go all day might as well not comment back its over.

          • Farva55

            English is a great thing. Whatever the heck you just wrote, wasn’t english.

          • Devon Leaston

            I’m actually quite skilled with the English language. You are very skilled with dodging questions. At any moment I could type like this but it isn’t English class and regardless of any slang used in my prior comments it was to address a point. Basically it doesn’t matter how you write, it’s about what your saying. I have the innate ability to talk to anybody and I can tell when someone’s lost an argument. However take care.

        • Farva55

          I believe the correct sentence is:

          Who calls a foul in a one on one game? You’re dismissed.

    • richie famus

      Ummm… I gonna go with ANY 1 of those 5 could be the other on a given night.

  • charlesguider

    D. Rose must be to slow to beat LeBron. This list is stupid!

    • Farva55

      I would agree with this. Rose could LeBron 1-1.

      • BL61

        LeBron dominated him in the playoffs

    • Jeff Peterson

      D. Rose can not beat LeBron 1 on 1. Go watch LeBron guard DRose in the playoffs two years ago.

      • Jon williams

        You mean LeBron and who the other random guy on the heat that guarded him. Also he was still able to average 20 points against bigger defenders…..

        • Jeff Peterson

          Watch late game possessions, iso situations with LeBron matched up with D. Rose one-on-one. D.Rose could not get to the basket against LeBron. Was forced to settle for contested jumpshots.

    • Geppetto

      I like D. Rose, but no…that wouldn’t happen. Hell, I don’t D. Rose could make it through the shootaround before the game without tweaking something.

      • SportsGenius705

        I know intelligence is a sought after thing. Keep searching. You might get there someday.

        • Geppetto

          Then enlighten me, almighty “SportsGenius.” D-Rose would beat Lebron James straight-up in a one-on-one game? Okay…go.

  • Stephen Gilson

    A healthy Derrick Rose should be on this list. After a whole year off, watch out for the Bulls to make a run!

    • derek Dixon

      Stephen, you make a VERY good point. I never thought about D-Rose, but given a HEALTHY comeback, I believe you are right.

      • Nate

        D Rose wont even come back after the Dr’s said he was healthy, How would D rose even guard him size, power. maybe 1 on 1 in a free throw contest.

        • Stephen Gilson

          D Rose dribble penatration wouild have Lebron spining in circles. Maybe you just forgot cause he hasn’t played in 1 1/2 years. Don’t be surprized if Rose wins the MVP this year..

        • Farva55

          Clearly, you don’t know a whole lot about basketball and/or health. That’s okay though.

    • Tee

      Rose…well, before you get put on the list you at least have to have a “set”, he was healthy and didn’t even play for his own team. Bulls run, well that’s one way of putting it, unless somebody steps on Derrick Rose’s little toe

  • Devon AKA D Menyce

    What about D Rose, that first step is ridiculous.

  • thisarticlesucks

    lol deron williams and westbrook? But no mvp derrick rose… makes sense…

    he said cp3 is pound for pound the strongest guard in the league…? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    Derrick rose wrecks him…

    • frank

      Hasn’t played in a year and Kobe is coming off a knee injury. Are we talking real life or when players are at there best. Lebrons only competion for mvp has been himself.

      • Patrick Bachicha

        Do you even watch the NBA????????????????? His knee wasnt what got injured smart guy

        • king

          lol @ frank

  • FrozakaSmokeyBryant

    word after melo i feel like the rest of those guys is reaching.. not even a lebron fan really but after melo this list gets to some really low odds of it happening..

    • FrozakaSmokeyBryant

      i said after because everyone listed before melo and melo i can see as a very good one on one game..

  • Phil

    You realize in a 1-1 game these guys would have to defend Lebron too, right? Who could do that on this list? Melo and Howard have the size but not the speed. No one else stands a chance.

    • http://www.rantsports.com/ Isaak Koenka

      You know who can defend. Kobe. In fact, Kobe would let him think that he had him beat, just to make it look that much more spectacular… I can’t forget how many defensive teams did Kobe make?… Labron?

      • Joe Namath

        Kobe’s most recent defensive first teams are jokes. It’s just a popularity contest right now and Kobe is the most popular SG in the league because he’s the 2nd best SG, has been healthier over his career than Wade, and plays in Hollywood. There are better defensive SG’s than Kobe by any metric – stats, opposing player stats, film all favor guys like Tony Allen who actually play hard on defense. Kobe has admitted he rests on defense and it’s obvious when you watch him play.

        • Plublius

          Kobe has played THROUGH his injuries whereas D-wade sits.

          • emanism

            Really? I don’t think so. He played all last year with injuries. U gotta be kidding me. Actually doubting that brothers heart? Wow. He is sitting this year because the coaches are smart. Got bad knees. That’s the game.

    • Brian M Bigb

      Kobes is overated as a defender especially 1 on 1, against someone like Lebron. In the post he would get runover. Melo Kevin Love and Dwight are excellent post defenders. Dwight doesn’t have enough offense, Melo is deceptively fast with his feet and a savvy defender, Loves perimeter defense isn’t good enough, Lebron would blow by him. Lebrons defense all around is to good, If Howard would workout and improve a little bit this wouldn’t even be a conversation.

      • cj

        he would get ran over???????? you mean the same kobe who went head to head with lebron in the allstar game and blocked him twice? you mean the kobe who stoped a posting howard in the 09 finals? kobe would kill lebron beating him 7-8/10

        • Killa Season

          Who goes that HARD in a all star game though??Kobe ain’t fuckin with Lebron POINT BLANK PERIOD

          • cj

            kobe in his prime is a better player then lebron. POINT BLANK PERIOD.

          • bdavis11

            this is seriously laughable that a person can say Kobe in his prime is better than LeBron…. Please lets talk stats

          • cj

            kobe in his prime could get 60 on an off night. wile being 2 inches and 50 lb lighter the lebron. + kobe wasted most of his prime on brown and parker lead teams.

            kobe prime >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> lebron prime

          • Khoa Tran

            when you say one on one, its not a comparison of stat or PER… just look for a you tube video of LOebron saying Kobe is better … there is lots of them… if you want to compare “primes”…. Just like Kobe is the only person Jordan the Ego, says can beat him mono a mono

        • Khoa Tran

          cj…. i feel ya man, these fools don’t even remember when Kobe was a lil tyke and took Jordan on defense whenever he could and came out ahead more times than not.

      • Paul Griggs

        Melo is a lazy and awful defender–do you ever watch him play?

    • Nosobs

      seriously i agree with u

    • DC

      Except my dick nigga

  • Effen Moore

    Dirk would easily take Lebron 10 out of 10 times. This is silly.

    • Michael A Vance

      Did anybody ROFL when they read this?

    • SportsGenius705

      That’s taking it a little too far, and I don’t even like LeBron. Go C’s.

    • Devon Leaston

      whos ya bud connect bro snoop, wiz youre on that new strand widely known as dumbass so go have some effin moore …….Effen Moore!

    • Geppetto

      Crazy talk. Dirk is awesome, but c’mon…

  • blathermaster

    Sorry, not one of these clowns could beat Lebron. And I don’t even like Lebron.
    Whoever wrote this is smoking colorado grass

    • frank

      Could yes, some hack beat Jordan its one on one. On a consistent basis no one.

      • Patrick Bachicha


        • That Guy

          It means… even a dogs ass sees the sun on a good day.

          Anyone can be beaten on any given day.
          But could anyone consistently beat Lebron in a 1on1… doubtful.

    • Jayr Serica III

      well that’s your opinion.

    • DC

      The best grass their is!

    • Mark

      no not anyone, colorado grass….ummm! However me thinks only someone in the amazon could beat Lebron. A big freaking Jaguar! Shit no, Lebron…don’t even touch that.

  • Deno Lorenzo

    Are you on drugs? Or should I say, “What is your drug of choice and you’ve already used too much the day you wrote this column!”

  • Casper

    This is the dumbest crap I’ve ever read on the internet. And that’s saying something. Dumb because bball is a team game, and dumb because 12 out of these 15 would have zero shot and the other 3 MIGHT give him a game 2/10 games.

    Lebron is the all around best defender in the league. You put one person in front of him with no option to pass the ball and he will shut them down. End of story. How many times has he proven this on an NBA court? No one, other than maybe Griffin, can match his athleticism, and Griffin is a totally one dimensional player at this point in time.

    Gotta earn your paycheck, I guess, but whoever made this list obviously doesn’t actually watch basketball.

  • joseph

    the dummest article i ever read only 3 players that might win 1 out of ten times n thats kobe or durant if he cathes fire on a off night from lebron….n wade might because of his defensive skills but no matter what lebrons on another level the any current player in the league…..wayyyyyy to soon to compare to mj but hes deff the best in the world right now

  • bah

    blake griffin?? monte ellis?? hahahahahahahaha

  • Noach

    Whoever wrote this article knows nothing about basketball. No one in the game today could beat Lebron 1 on 1. The only player period I think that would have a chance historically is Scottie Pippen with his combonation of size, scoring, slashing ability, man to man defense, and rebounding skill. Of course guys like Wilt or Kareem could just tower over him, but those are out of position comparisons and patently unfair.

  • http://www.rantsports.com/ Isaak Koenka

    DUDE< Bailey, The Mascot for the LA Kings can beat Dwight Howard in 1 on 1. My question is, do you think Allen Iverson still could beat James. I say hell yes. Heck, I think Shaq would beat him 1v1 so long as it was "loser's ball out" (can't drain jumpers all day in front of an 8 foot tall beast. Also assuming no one is calling traveling)

  • Ivan Rios

    uhh….how is Dirk,Crawford, and D-will on this list and Drose isnt?!?…interesting.

  • James

    Griffin, Paul, Ellis, Curry & Williams would get destroyed by LeBron. They might have a “quick” first step but LeBron is one of the best in a chase down block. He’d be able to catch any of them & send the ball 10 rows back

  • jacoby newman

    lot of hating going on in here.

  • Darryl Harris DaChamp

    Maybe only about five of these guys have a chance What is Hughes smoking

  • DD

    im not a lebron fan but this is by far the worst article! Only Kobe and KD stand a real chance.

  • Jonathan

    Kobe Bryant would beat LeBron easily, just as easy as he blocked him twice in the all star game during the last most important moments of the game in front of millions around the world watching. One block might be luck, but 2 definitely means LeBron is to slow for Bryant. No one is gonna let themselves get humiliated like that. In fact, anytime someone gets blocked 2 out of 3 possesions means by the same person means they own you. Kobe owns James

    • Rene D

      Kobe could beat Lebron if they both play as guard, but once Lebron play as a power forward Kobe will be no match. The heat has no problem beating everybody in the league if he play power forward, but Lebron loves to pass that’s why he is always a big guard

      • Joe Namath

        how is this at all relevant to 1 on 1?

        • noles

          hahaha …

          • Michael A Vance

            exactly what i was thinking lol

      • thetruth1111

        its one on one dummy not a 5 on 5 game

    • richie famus

      Ha! I thought I was the only one who noticed that Kobe shut down and swatted Lebron twice in a row. They bailed him out on one rejection by calling a foul that was all ball. However, Kobe wouldn’t beat Lebron “at will.” Hate to admit it, but ‘Bron would win his share.

    • frank

      That is all Kobe has now showing someone up at the allstar game, its like when Magic had aids and won the MVP it doesn’t matter. Lebron is focused on winning championships.

      • Patrick Bachicha

        get off Lebrons Dick… The article didnt say that these players would beat him 100% of the time.. ANYBODY who has played ball knows that anyone is capable of winning or losing at any given time. I bet you watch sports center every night and now you think youre a fuckin Basketball Pro

        • Joe Namath

          You could play Lebron 1,000,000,000 times and you would not win once to 11. Anybody can win or lose at any given time if the game is just first basket wins. Lebron would score every single time on 99.99% of the population. He can back you down or run around you and dunk easily and he can do that against most NBA players one-on-one which is why teams are forced to pack the paint and give up open 3 point shots against Miami.

          • bdavis11

            lets not forget the an is shooting around 60% IN THE NBA … thats insane

    • ernesto sr

      coby is good for retirement maybe next year,so don’t compare apples and watermelons

      • Michael A Vance

        lol. i don’t usually have a problem with words that aren’t spelled correctly, but you’ve gotta get “Kobe’s” name right.

        • DC

          U tell that MExican Micheal

      • DC

        Don’t compare tacos and burritos beaner!

        • Rob

          ^ fucking retard

      • bdavis11

        well i would like to make one correction here… its Kobe.. jus sayin

    • Michael A Vance

      Lol. It’s the all star game. Lebron probably let Kobe do it for show. The all star game is a stage set to give various scenarios and situations to allow players to show off talent. Lebron was probably paid to let Kobe do that. Just like Shaq dribbling between Dwight’s legs a few years ago. Lol. Nothing in the All Star game is legit. Anybody else saying anything different is selling something.

    • Tee

      All Star game…really, who takes that serious? I can show you a few clips during the regular Season, where LBJ got Kobe as well…Back in his day Kobe may have stood a chance on one of LBJ’s bad days, but never on a good one

    • emanism

      That does not mean anything. In the head to head match up of their teams Lebron has smoked Kobe. Dec. 25, 2010: Heat 96, Lakers 80

      Wait, LeBron went to the Heat? A triple-double for LBJ in the second Xmas showdown for these guys.

      Kobe: 21 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists

      LeBron: 27 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists

      March 10, 2011: Heat 94, Lakers 88

      I’m seriously surprised by how many of these games turn out to be LeBron wins. Well, not THAT surprised, but whatever. LeBron was the lowest-scoring of the Big Three here, asChris Bosh had 24 and Dwyane Wade had 19.

      Kobe: 24 points, 2 assists, 2 rebounds

      LeBron: 19 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists

      Jan. 19, 2012: Heat 98, Lakers 87

      31, eight and eight from LeBron, but he’s so unclutch.

      Kobe: 24 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists

      LeBron: 31 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists

      March 4, 2012: Lakers 93, Heat 83

      Remember when the Lakers used to win games? Kobe led the way with 33, but Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol had double-doubles. Mike D’Antoni should play those two more often.

      Kobe: 33 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist

      LeBron: 25 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists

      Jan. 17, 2013: Heat 99, Lakers 90

      LeBron went off, and we expect nothing less today.

      Kobe: 22 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assists

      LeBron: 39 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists

    • bdavis11

      yeah if i was kobe i would be playing my heart out to if i was playing against the best basketball player in the NBA right now and MAYBE EVER!! LeBron dont give 2 shits about what he does in the all star game and he doesnt give 3 shits about kobe guarding him…

    • Khoa Tran

      I love it!! well said

  • Geppetto

    There’s about 4 players on the list that would give Lebron a run in a one-on-one game. Kobe, Durant, MAYBE Carmelo, and MAYBE Blake Griffin he he kept it in the post. Dwight Howard shouldn’t be anywhere near this list.

  • Joe

    Now, tell me what player in this group would be taken second by any GM in the NBA?

  • Alexander Burrus

    Monta ******* Ellis

  • KingGampo

    Dumbest article ever. LeBron is the best basketball player in the world. Monte Ellis could beat him 1-1??? Congrats on your 2 year degree you earned from your mother, shows you know absolutely nothing.

  • Bulakenyo Ako

    LJ might be the best right now but if he play a 1 on 1 with another star whos around at least 6’4″ and above AND with a killer footwork, body moves plus great shooting touch Lebron will have problem catching up with these guys.Lebron is a power from above but always have trouble from below.Playing 1 on 1 is totally different than playing team ball. Ppl will disagree but i myself already experienced it in my native little village. seriously.I beat our town MVP on a 1on1 duel but hes so good on team play.

    • Brandon Evans


    • Rylie

      Killer footwork and all that.. That’s just pointing out his few weaknesses as if he weren’t already good at everything else. You gotta switch it around to and think, what if its a muscle/big mans game, or an all-around talent? I wished he was more selfish, watching him give the ball to his teammates is heartbreaking because everyone is going to use his stats when it’s all said and done. It’ll be less than what it should be if he were Kobe, Carmelo, Jordan, or Bird, really just anyone that got to shoot the ball as much as they wanted.

  • Rob

    WOW … so what you guys are telling me … that down at the park where you live … that the guys on this list … would beat LEBRON one on one … lol … NEVER … not one of them … and the Jordan comparison … think about CHIPS is about TEAMS … if LEBRON had Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, Ron Harper, BJ Armstrong, Horace Grant, Toni Kukoc and THREE 7+ Footers, (Cartwright, Longley and Wennington) do you really believe that LEBRON would have lost in the finals … LOL … think about it … LEBRON’s 7 footer is Joel Anthony and he has 2 rings in a row and headed towards 3 … with Haslem and a 6’10 Bosh as his best big men … LOL … you guys are NOT serious are you … when Lebron is finished … he will probably be in top 10 of all-time in every category imaginable … NOW that is stats for G.O.A.T

  • Ryan

    I had to create an account just to say that this may be one of the stupidest articles I’ve ever read in my life. I wish people would throw money at me to be terrible at something.

    • 2013lakers24

      It’s stupid because you disagree with it. it would’ve been the best article in the world if the title was ” LBJ would beat every one of these players 1-1 ten out out of ten times “. Your idiot head would believe it.

  • fISH

    Nobody not even MJ could take LeBron its quite a thought to think maybe Shaq because he did beat MJ.

  • rjupback

    “Daddy, if a lion and a tiger fought, who’d win?” This list is lot of nonsense. Almost any NBA player can beat another other NBA player one-on-one at least once. They’re all talented athletes. But not every player can make a team better. And not every player this list holds that distinction (most on the list do, though).

  • Heat Peat

    This is pretty funny. NONE of these guys could beat LeBron 1 on 1 in a serious setting. You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • Devilsreject97

    I’m just trying to figure out how Paul George didn’t make this list, but Jamal I can’t play defense or shoot the ball reliably Crawford made it..

  • Brandon Evans

    this is the most ridiculous article I have ever seen lol

  • Maynard G. Krebs

    Lebron’s advantage is strength so it comes down to whether he will be able to use his famous lowered shoulder as a battering ram and his crab dribble (aka four- or five-step travel no call)

  • Maynard G. Krebs

    btw none of these guys could beat him

  • Kenneth Walker

    Wilt Chamberlain would have eaten LeBron or any other player in NBA history for lunch.

  • Justin Memenza

    Derrick Rose???????? helloo??

  • nathanielsmithj@aol.com

    Please fire the creator of this rediculous article

  • Nate

    This is the stupidest list ever, Deron williams, jamal crawford beating Lebron James 1 on 1. This person really must be out of basketball topics to write about.

  • Michael Howell

    With the exception of a few… I actually agree with this list

  • jones

    This list is a joke barring Kobe Durant Melo. Maybe Howard and Curry if he got hot from deep.

  • Walter

    Blake= No. Paul is probably the only guard he wouldn’t lock up by a 10th game. Crawford is questionable on this list. Everyone else is could win at least one game out of 10.

  • http://jayjohnsononline.com/ Jay Johnson

    This article is stupid….Some of the first few guys would be interesting to see, but this list is childish.

  • elementau

    This list should have stopped at 5…

  • Anthony Burdick

    dumb list end of story

  • R Hall

    JJ Redick could beat Lebron. If it was make it take it Lebron would never get the ball. That guy can shoot from anywhere.

  • blackmambaIsALegend

    1-1 no one can see kobe except kevin durrant

  • blackmambaIsALegend
  • khris

    I dont watch basketball i think its retared someone can make more money in one year then 90% of Americans make in a life time to shoot a ball at a hoop if your name aint micheal jordan then your name and basketball dont mean shit

  • king

    blake beatin lebron 1-on-1 lmao

  • king

    lebron plays more team ball but kobe,melo and durant play 1-on-1 ball better

  • Jobert S.

    this is dumb. how can steph, d-will and rus defend Lebron? sure, they could score, but Lebron would just destroy them. If this turns out to be a scoring slugfest, Lebron won’t be beat cuz them players are puny. Dwight could defend, maybe kobe, maybe blake, but the rest won’t be able take on Lebron’s 250lb frame.

  • Dave G

    I’d actually say Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard probably have the best chance against James. Both are young, athletic, have the size/speed combo and have proven to play well under pressure.

  • Jon-Paul Pittman


  • nmats353

    How do we know that Lebron is any good 1 on 1? I saw him get schooled consistently by George Hill against the Pacers this year. George Hill…. George Hill… These guys would own Lebron in 1 on 1 basketball. At least half of them….

  • Dale Snitterman

    PAUL GEORGE??????????????????????????????

  • http://www.facebook.com/eddieharrisjrcpt Eddie Harris

    Jamal Crawford and Steph Curry but no Kyrie? I agree with some of the comments that these people on the list would have to play defense. in that case I think the list might be a lot shorter. Honestly this is all someones opinion. You cant take it that serious and secondly none of these guys will probably ever go one on one with LeBron unless its a closed gym with no cameras or reporters. Remember that guy who dunked on LeBron in his basketabll camp a few years back? yeah…that video disappeared quick.

  • Cordarious Luckey

    lol dwight howard really? you know one-on-one you check the ball from behind the 3 pt line right? haha with no ball handling skills or none of that how the hellis he gonna get to the hoop? back bron down from the 3 pt line

  • samj

    upon this list, there are only four players that can actually beat king james and they are: KD,KOBE,41 AND D12, but all the rest would loose to the king. They are all scrubs except for CP3 the BEARD

  • Tony

    List is complete joke. I dont know anyone that can defend him 1 on 1. Maybe Kobe 10 years ago, when LJ was only 19 may have been a match up

  • wirkkala

    Why did you stop at 15?

  • Martin

    Okay, If You leave D-Rose off this list, You’re an absolute idiot. Bye.

  • Shahrash620

    you forgot Paul George…

  • Hayden

    Kyrie Irving

  • Lawrence Graves

    Everybody beside Kobe Durant & Melo is laughable. Dirk & Wade was iffy.

  • Mahi Tuna

    last time I checked NBA has 5 men on each side. who cares, bet someone can run faster too, own a faster car, throw a ball farther.

  • Scott Morris

    i believe the keyword in this article is “could.” Sure, these players “could” beat lebron, while he was sleeping in a flock of poison ivy surrounded by the ocean. But on the hardwood, not a chance.

  • carlos servin

    blathermaster is probably one of the most dumbest people because i know for a fact that chris paul, jamal crawford, carmelo anthony, kevin durant, russel westbrook, blake griffin, kevin love, and dwayne wade can beat lebron james.

  • barrysandinureyes

    Andre Drummond for one. LeBron is big, but not big enough. Any number of big men could beat him. Could Duncan beat him at age 36? Probably; he sure could have beaten him at age 30. At age 25 he would have beaten him whatever to not much.

    Garnett could still beat him. He actually plays defense,has a post game, and has some quickness left.

    This is a stupid list. Shorter point guards could not beat LeBron. They would have zero chance stopping him unless he tried to match their outside shooting. Kobe would have a chance if 3′s counted. SInce when do 3′s count in one on one?

    In the 70′s Bob Lanier proved that the big man wins one on one. Kobe couldn’t beat John Salley when he was in his physical prime and Salley was an old player on the Lakers.

    You have to be somewhat close to the big man’s ability to post up in order to beat him one on one.

  • disqus_beATTbx73G

    What a stupid article. Only one or two of these guys would even stand a chance. Who knew Jamal Crawford was even still in the league…..

  • Tony

    sorry… not a LeBron fan, but i don’t believe a single one of those guys would beat LeBron…

  • alan

    Well then its very lucky for Lebron that basketball is a five on five game. Stupid article. I am sure there are 100s of players who could have beaten Wilt Chamberlain one on one in bball but in a 5 on 5 game, no man in the history of the game has been better and more dominating then Wilt.

  • Nathan Burk

    Yes, LeBron is the Jordan of the current NBA scene, but could Jordan have won 9 out of 10 against Bird, Kareem, or Johnson (I don’t think so). I swear these articles are written by trolls, who were recruited for their adeptness at eliciting a response. (btw, it’s working, cuz I both read and responded)

  • M10

    This article should’ve never left your desk. I’m a Kobe guy but this is disrespect to Lebron he would beat everybody on your list except for the Mamba and that’s not me being bias. Melo and Durant can’t guard Bron how he can defend them and plus he’s just better.

  • t bell

    larry bird wood hav kicked his assssssssss

  • Escobeats

    So you have russell westbrook, deron williams but no DROSE cmon !

  • RFortune

    im not even a lebron fan and i think this is disrespectful not even half this list can score and guard him

  • willy


  • Steve Klingensmith

    how does lebrons unselfish style of play matter when playing 1-1?

  • fuobl

    This is the stupidest list I have ever seen. Durant, Love, and Howard if he could score – which he can’t – would have a chance. How is Curry going to score on LeBron?

  • Eric Matterson

    This list is ridiculous. Dwight Hioward gets 90% of his points on rebounds and dunks. He has no one on one moves.Jamal Crawford???? Monta Ellis??? sub 40% shooters.Carmelo is a below average defender. DWade is too small. None of these players could guard LeBron. The only one on this list that may have a chance is Kobe. (May)

  • MrCBx02

    Realy Steph Curry, Love, Blke Griff, Monta Ellis, D will And D Wade. Lmfao. Im not a Lebron fan at all but lets be serious. I also checked the list 3x and cant fanthom why DRose is not up there.

  • De Mar

    LOL @ blake griffin vs Lebron. The guy is just going to be chillin on the perimeter splashing 3′s all day

  • Rome

    d rose anybody ?

  • Tee

    Get real folks…it says something that now everyone wants to be compared to LBJ, this is just a wish list. They wish they could beat him 1 on 1, yeah on a bad day, anyone can beat anyone. But on a good day no way….

  • Nosobs

    the author is stupid !!!

  • Karlo Magno Guadalupe

    they dont even have to guard lebron from midrange and beyond so how can lebrick blow by these guys. Dare him to shoot all night! at the end of the day, he’s not really a jump shooter. The game vs Nuggets where he shot 5/9 from trey was beginner’s luck. You can tell he doesn’t really have a shooter’s stroke coz he’s too damn strong otherwise he would be too overpowered.

  • Jayr Serica III

    If Kobe and Lebron would meet on their prime, Kobe would definitely dominate Lebron in 1 on 1 game. Please understand the strengths of both. Kobe is hard to guard on one on one game than Lebron and that’s Kobe’s specialty. Kobe has so many moves compared to Lebron and Lebron has a few but Lebron’s strength, his athleticism and strong body are his advantage over Kobe. But Kobe is smarter that Lebron. Being physically strong doesn’t mean an automatic victory over the other. We all know that Kobe is one of the players with the highest basketball I.Q. and 1 on 1 game is Kobe’s game.

  • Luis

    Lebron is not as great as you think. If Lebron would play during the Jordan era, he would only be as an ordinary player just like Rodman said. Rodman could effectively defend Lebron. Kobe can easily beat Lebron in head to head match up. You can easily read Lebron’s next move but not Kobe.

    • ephraimf

      Quoting Rodman? WOW. Sorry for you, dude.

  • Drew

    I’m Sorry. The only people that deserve to be in this Conversation is Dirk and Kobe, Dirk isn’t going to be able to stop LeBron, but LeBron isn’t going to be able to stop Dirk either. And Kobe is just Kobe. That’s a done Deal. Not saying Kobe is Better, but I would give Kobe Bryant the MOST chance at beating LeBron 1 on 1, Not because Kobe balls harder, but his game is based on Shooting. Kobe Bryant said himself that if he could pick a team mate, LeBron would be first because he is a Pass first type of guy and Kobe Bryant is a shooter. That being said, Kobe has the Best Chance because LeBron is a Team type of player.

  • Josh

    you forgot JJ Barea, Lebron couldn’t stop him in the 2011 NBA finals.

  • DC

    Im 5ft 5 and i could go bang bang in 1 on 1 against Lebron’s bitch ass

  • DC

    All i know is Lebron is a wanna be Jordan, he sucks, he would be nothing without D-Wade, Bosh, Ray Allen, etc. #Lebronsucksdicks

  • shaq

    Loll dirk??!!!! He has no handles, and he has to back Kenton down just like Howard and Howard would be too goofy and Howard will not dare defend lebron at the. Three point line Cause lebron will out run Howard and dirk! The few people that I could see matching up with lebron is kobe, Rose, Granger probably. Wade is a great player but he not gonna finish against lebron

  • Michael Mulrenan

    this list is absurd. Can I get a job on this site writing an article called…”Top 10 People Who Should Not be Allowed to Write Articles on this Site”.

  • ephraimf

    Stupid list, sorry. How do I get that 5 minutes of my life back?

  • Donna Romano Lurtz

    You have no idea about what your are writing. There is no one that could beat or win or subdue Lebron in a 1-1 game. Only in your dreams. I have watched this boy play since he was in High School. He is the best there ever was and will ever be. He has a heart that is above and beyond all competitors. He also loves basketball. It is his life. He is a great man and is totally respected by his peers. He would not go down for anyone.

  • lexg

    Lebron is the best all around player by far, all this guys that where named are good basketball players but they are not the best all around basketball player that has ever played the game. “king James”

  • Kaleb Harris

    Michael Jordan

  • Malty17

    Um, the list is too long. I think that maybe 3 of the guys on the list have a chance against Labron.

  • Rob C

    This article is str8 bulls**t, no other comment needed!!

  • bdavis11

    i agree with none of these at all… seriously no point guard should be on there at all the thought it laughable itself! i also agree with phil the guys have to guard THE KING ( and we all know who I am referring to here) and not a single one of them can guard THE KING. Every player you named would have to have a playoff to see who would even get to play THE KING… this is a joke. If i was THE KING and looked at this he would just be smiling!

  • bdavis11

    The sad thing is u can kinda make shift an ” arguement ” for all but one… jamal crawford seriously

  • James

    this article should be re-written 15 guys that would challenge Lebron to 1 on 1 and lose…

  • Angel Perez

    This is a joke!!!! The writer is just naming all stars

  • Leonard Ubeda

    you put prime kobe he would beat lebron why cuz kobe could defend pretty good for his age know and when younger he just played way better don’t forget kobe always wanted to defend the best player and he was way more explosive younger kobe could go face to face with lebron and dunk on him and lets not forget he was quicker. The question you need to ask yourself is if lebron didn’t have his size and strength and was the same as kobe would he be as dominant I always give the credit to the shorter guy cuz it harder on them.

  • Carson

    this is a joke

  • Kajeel Grant

    Funniest part about this was when they claimed Iguodala was a better shooter than LeBron LMAO

  • Shaleane Marie

    Kobe would eat Lebron… too big for too quick.

  • andrew

    the only person who proved they can shut down lebron defensively is rondo and he could score to save his life

    • andrew

      couldnt score*

  • Name Private

    they are wrong on everyone of their picks

  • Bob_Makihara

    Bull crap lol

  • Andre L. Williams

    This has to be one of the stupidest ones yet!!!

  • Mack Hickman

    lmao who made this list?

  • Thomas Wainwright

    I like the Monta Ellis pick….but how is he going to defend?

  • Thomas Wainwright

    There is nobody who can defend Lebron. He’s way too quick for bigs and way too strong for smalls.

  • Coby

    LeBron is great but he’s still got to get better at shooting. What is he going to do when he hits 35 and can’t use his size and athleticism anymore and he has to rely on shooting outside more? His shot is NO where near as good as Kobe’s or KD’s. And don’t start throwing out stats about his shooting percentage. He’s very unselfish and doesn’t take many difficult shots, which is a good thing, but in 1-on-1 you have to be a GREAT scorer and he’s not there yet.

  • iFan4ever

    Are you kidding me??? No one on that list can even come close…maybe Durant.

  • Paul Griggs

    These players could beat him offensively but most could not stop him defensively. Lebron is a well rounded player. Maybe Kobe and Durant–no on the rest.

  • blob blobby

    Kobe could probably beat everyone positions 1-4 on a regular basis. It would be 1. Kobe 1a. Michael 2. Lebron

  • darwinjhar

    Andre Iguodala a better shooter and more clutch than LeBron??? You have got to be from another dimension where reality is the opposite of what it is on earth.

  • Sterling

    Whoever is the moronic ignorant idiotic clown that thinks even ONE NBA player could beat LeBron you’re out of your fuckin head!!! You actually need some kind of medication for your retarded brain! LeBron is HANDS DOWN the BEST player on the court today. Now lets say Jordan was young again and LeBron and him were to play 1 on 1 and they’re both at the height of their career, THAT would be the CLOSEST 1 on 1 game EVER played. But unfortunately Jordan isn’t young enough to play against the king of the court. Kinda sucks cause i’d love to see that one. But other than that there ISN’T ANYONE in the WORLD…not just the U.S…..but the WORLD that could legally beat James on the court 1 on 1!!! So anyone that thinks such a thing is a fuckin moronic idiot that knows NOTHING about the game! What a shame there’s actually people out there that think these ‘off the wall’ things! Too bad we couldn’t actually get James to play other players 1 on 1 and put money on them…cause if that was possible to do….I’D BE A VERY RICH MAN VERY QUICK cause all i’d have to do is find you morons that think he could be beaten and bet you your punk ass life savings on it and take everyone for what they’re worth!!!! The KING…LeBron James…. would not and could not get beat by ANYONE on the court! He would constantly hurt feelings of anyone that would actually have the testicles or the AUDACITY to step up to him on what he owns….that being the court. Without a doubt.

  • Sterling

    blathermaster you are EXACTLY 100% CORRECT!!!!! the only difference is i actually really like LeBron. but yeah he’s UNBEATABLE!!!!!!

  • Sterling

    OK. The moronic imposile that made this list is actually the most ignorant person I’ve ever read their passage. I honestly CAN’T BELIEVE that some IDIOT would make a list of such incredible BUMS to compare to the fucking KING OF THE COURT!!! LMMFAO!! What a fucking sad pathetic MORON for being so dumb as to make a list of this idiotic nature. How terribly sad. Whoever you are that made this list….you’re a fucking joke yo. Str8 up bum.