Brook Lopez: Brooklyn Nets Center Sidelined With Ankle Tweak

By John J. Paolantonio
Lopez backs down Chris Wilcox
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE


Nets Fans: Stop me if you have heard this before – Brook Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets is sidelined with an ankle injury.

I know what all Nets fans are thinking and everyone needs to hold tight as the team says it has nothing to do with the injury that sidelined Lopez for all but five games last year.

The injury happened with around seven minutes left in the third quarter after Lopez landed awkwardly after finishing a drive to the basket.  He came up limping and all Nets fans held their collective breathes as he ran back down the floor. Lopez came out of the game after a few minutes and did not return as he was not needed the rest  of the way to the win.

General manager Billy King spoke about the injury, “It’s almost like a bone bruise,” King said. “On top of the bone there’s pain, and that’s why we did the x-ray and there’s nothing. There’s not a fracture or anything … It’s a sprained foot.”

The Nets team’s orthopedic surgeon,Dr. Riley Williams III released this statement :

“Brook suffered a twisting injury to his foot during the Boston game. He experienced some soreness afterwards, and was examined by the Nets training staff. Precautionary x-rays of his foot were negative. The area of Brook’s previous fracture at the 5th metatarsal bone was unremarkable, and unchanged compared to prior films.  He reports tenderness over the top of foot. This area corresponds to ligaments that connect the tarsal or midfoot bones. He is diagnosed with a ligament sprain of the mid foot, and will be re-evaluated Monday upon his return to New York by Team Orthopedic Surgeon, Riley Williams and Nets Foot and Ankle Consultant, Dr. Martin O’Malley”

The Nets announced Thursday that injury is a ligament sprain to the mid-foot and not a mild ankle sprain and that Lopez will miss the Florida trip and not play against the Orlando Magic or the Miami Heat this weekend and then he will be re-evaluated.

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