Chicago Bulls Forward Taj Gibson says He's Not Thinking About Rose's Return

By meganhuston
Mike DiNovo-US Presswire

Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson insists that life without Derrick Rose isn’t on the minds of Bulls players. Now either Gibson is delusional or he’s a darn good liar.

“Really we’re not even thinking about Rose,” Gibson said. “We’re thinking about getting everybody good reps, everyone getting better, guys watching film, guys understanding we have to do more.”

Gibson was then asked if their recent 4th quarter issues stem from not having Rose:

“After the fact, they can say that, but right now we don’t have Derrick, ” Gibson said.”We have other guys that are here right now that have to put in the work and fill that slot until Derrick gets back. Right now Derrick is on his rehab, and there’s no pressure on him. We’re just letting him work.”

While Taj said all the right things and attempting to sound politically correct, the fact of the matter is that he’s lying. Everyone is thinking about Rose’s return, there is pressure on him, and not having him to create easy scoring opportunities is the reason the Bulls have struggled in the 4th quarter.

Chicago is a .500 team at best without Derrick, and while Gibson resides in this fantasy world I, however, live in reality; and the reality is that the Bulls have lost four of their last five games so you better believe they’re thinking about Rose and his return. He’s the only player on their team that can create for others, making the game easier for everyone around him. So while Taj’s answer was the right thing to say it just simply wasn’t the truth.

The truth of the matter is the whole city of Chicago is thinking about Rose’s return including Taj.

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