Derek Fisher To Be A Coach On The Court For Dallas Mavericks

By Derek Ayala

Can the Dallas Mavericks avoid going three games below .500? It’s a good possibility. The Mavs host the Detroit Pistons tonight and will look to turn their season around. Derek Fisher may be the guy that helps them do that.

Fisher signed with the Mavs this past Thursday. Many believe that this signing was because the team is really desperate right now. However, that is not the case. Yes, Fisher will bring some defense and scoring, but the main reason is to be the teacher to the young guys especially Darren Collison.

It is expected that Collison will be replaced by Fisher in the starting role tonight. In the past few weeks Collison has been very inconsistent. He is averaging 10 points and 5.5 assists in the last four games he played. He was inactive for Wednesday night’s game due to a injury.

One good thing about this signing is that coach Rick Carlisle does not have to call every play since Fisher is a coach on the floor. Just like he trusted in Jason Kidd he will be able to trust Fisher.

Fisher has been in the NBA since 1996 and has played in over 1,100 games including 722 starts. He has tons of playing experience to know what’s best for the team during crucial moments. That is another reason why for the signing of Fisher.

Other players like O.J. Mayo, Dominique Jones and Rodrigue Beaubois will learn very quickly once Fisher steps onto the court. They will watch the way he plays and the way he works on and off the court. That will quickly turn this team around if the chemistry is right.

Honestly, I am wondering how signing Fisher and putting him as the starting point guard will impact Collison. He was not happy being benched from the starting line-up Tuesday night and who knows how much this will hurt the team’s chemistry due to his unhappiness.

Nevertheless, I still believe that having Fisher on the team will bring a boost of energy. The Mavs have someone who can be a coach on the floor like they did when Kidd was here. Plus, Fisher on a quest for his sixth championship ring this could be a start for good things to come.

Once Dirk Nowitzki returns sometime at the end of this month and having veteran, Fisher, on the court then who knows what this team can do. I still believe that the Mavs will turn it around once Nowitzki does return, but having the five time champion on the floor right may help the team right now.

However, it may be awhile before Fisher learns all of Carlisle’s coaching techniques. Once he does then the Mavs will not have to look at the bench every time down the floor to see what type of play Carlisle wants. Fisher will be the one that calls the play and become the “quarterback” for this Mavs team.

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