Kobe Bryant’s Pursuit of Michael Jordan Continues with Upcoming Milestones

By Kaylyn Neely
Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Last year at the NBA All Star game, Kobe Bryant became the leading scorer in All Star game play, taking the scoring record from Michael Jordan. 

This year, Bryant is set to break another record. Bryant is less than 100 points away from 30,000 career points. He will be the youngest player ever to reach that milestone.

On Friday night, Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers started off the weekend against the Denver Nuggets, just 100 points shy of 30,000 points. He ended the game with 14 points in a nowadays rare Lakers win.

Bryant is currently leading the league in points, averaging 27.7. points per game. If he continues at this pace, he will see 30,000 points well before the end of the year.

Bryant will be the youngest player to reach this milestone. Wilt Chamberlain is currently the youngest, reaching the mark at 35-years old. Bryant turned 34-years old in August. Jordan was 38-years old when he hit 30,000 but in all fairness, he went to college while Bryant entered the NBA from high school.

On the all time NBA scoring list, Jordan ranks number three with 32,292 points. As of Friday night, Bryant ranks number five, with 29,914 career points. Chamberlain sits between the two at number four with 31,419 points.

Bryant still plays like he is in his prime. He got his 18th career triple-double last month. If Bryant retires at 40-years old like Jordan did, he will surely take the number three spot on the all time scoring list.

Will Bryant’s legacy one day be considered the most prestigious of all time? The gap between Bryant and Jordan gets smaller and smaller every game.


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