Memphis Grizzlies' Coach Lionel Hollins Deserves Praise For Team's Success

By John Raffel
Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE


[Ed. note: this article makes no points about what Lionel Hollins has done, or why he deserves any praise. Almost the entire body is made up of quotations, all of which have nothing to do with the title. Unpublished pending review.]


Lionel Hollins is coaching a very good NBA team in the Memphis Grizzlies. Hollins would argue that he has plenty of talent, but he’s been able to do plenty with that talent.

“We won four out of five. We defended and we outscored the other teams. That’s what it’s about,” Hollins said. “You can’t go back. We’ve been playing pretty decent all year long at home. It was a long home stand.

“It’s probably time to go back on the road. It’s not easy on the road, but I think your juices get flowing and you get stalled being at home. We’ll see what happens tomorrow night.”

He was referring to the big showdown at the San Antonio Spurs, which is likely to be a very good test for the Grizzlies. As the saying goes: anyone can win at home, but a true champion wins on the road.

“Usually the road helps more with that because you’re staying at the hotel and on the bus all of the time,” Hollins said. “At home, everybody goes their separate ways after practice. Teams like to go on the road and start getting it together. I think it’s good for our chemistry.”

Depth has been really sparking the Grizzlies. On Friday, the Grizzlies ripped the Detroit Pistons 90-78.

“They had 27 points from our bench and Jerryd (Bayless) and Darrell (Arthur) played really well, so did (Marreese) Speights. Quincy (Poindexter) played 24 minutes and did not score, but he was at plus 19,” Hollins said. “He did some good things defensively and effort-wise. That’s what it takes to win. You just can’t all be about scoring.”

But the Grizzlies have been about more than just scoring.

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