NBA fines San Antonio Spurs $250,000 for Sending Four Starters Home

By Scott DelleFave
Popovich, Gregg 1
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

NBA Commissioner David Stern, just laid down a heavy $250,000 fine to the San Antonio Spurs for resting four of their starters versus the Miami Heat. The four that were sent home include: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Danny Green.

Commissioner David Stern said the Spurs “did a disservice to the league and our fans.”

I say so what! The Spurs were on a six game road trip and a coach should have a right to rest their team’s starters as he sees fit. It seems like Stern wants to get a few more pokes in before he leaves as he was remembered. Don’t worry I won’t forget you David!

Yes you well be remembered for getting lucky by the grace of God that Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the 1980s and saved the league form being extinguished, however you will also be remember for stroking your ego from time to time and this was one of those times. I don’t even have to watch the league anymore due to it being an unwatchable product and I used to watch it as much as I watch football now.

My solution to this fine is quite simple: I hope sometime this year every team does that on a nationally televised game just to stick it to Stern, but this is all my take, what do you all think? Let me know!

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