New York Knicks Improve With Ronnie Brewer Over Landry Fields

By A.J. Speier
Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Ronnie Brewer has never been much of a 3-point shooter, but that has changed now that he’s a member of the New York Knicks.

Shooting 41.2-percent from 3-point range, Brewer currently ranks 36th in the league. His previous best 3-point shooting percent occurred with the Chicago Bulls last season when he shot 27.5-percent.

“When Brewer’s knocking down that shot, it makes it easier for everybody else,” Carmelo Anthony said. “Brewer has been shooting the ball extremely well.”

The Knicks chose to sign Brewer this offseason because they needed a defensive specialist shooting guard who could replace the injured Iman Shumpert, who was expected to be out until January.

“He’s a great defender; you can put him on anybody,” Steve Novak said. “He’s a slasher, he opens stuff up for guys that you don’t even notice. But when he’s making shots too, it’s like, ‘You know, we’ll take all that.'”

Landry Fields had been the starting shooting guard last year, but once the Toronto Raptors gave him a $20 million offer sheet, the Knicks decided to go in a different direction and sign Brewer. Fields is making $5 million per year while Brewer is making $1 million per year.

Brewer began last season as a backup with the Bulls, but when starting shooting guard Richard Hamilton suffered an injury, Brewer ended up with 43 starts in 66 games.

With Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire already in place on the Knicks, Brewer, who’s known as more of a role player saw an opportunity to be part of a championship contender.

“They’re going to have a lot of isolations,” Brewer said when he had signed, “They’re going to need to have guys who can move without the basketball, get open and knock down shots, or get to the basket and make plays. So to me, that was the best fit for me.”

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