Washington Wizards Play New Game, Get Old Results

By Thomas Jones
Anthony Gruppuso – US Presswire

It can be a difficult task, watching Washington Wizard games. Screaming at the television doesn’t temper the frustration. Turning the channel and then turning back after a few minutes won’t cure the disappointment. To watch the Wizard’s play – lets just say you have to be a glutton for poor play.

Sometimes I wonder out loud, “do these guys really want to be here?”

The way they play a lot of times makes me say, “probably not.”

I watched them compete with every ounce of energy they had to take the Boston Celtics into over time to just come up short. I saw them come a tenth of a second short of defeating a scrappier Charlotte Bobcats team in double overtime. I felt for the Wizards as they fell a point short of defeating the Atlanta Hawksonly to witness the New York Knicks treat them as if this was practice. I guess the Wizards forgot how to play defense between their 2 days off since their previous game (and only win of the season).

Any shot the Knicks wanted, they got with no resistance. Even Ronnie Brewer looked like an offensive juggernaut against the porous Wizard defense. All the lapses in defensive concentration could be forgiven by fans if the Wizards didn’t look lost on the offensive end of the court a majority of the time.

Jordan Crawford came down and jacked up long range jumpers with no conscious thought. Kevin Seraphin saw his shots hit the front of the rim more times then he would like to remember. Martell Webster is probably wondering how he doesn’t see more playing time, being he is the most consistent scoring threat from the perimeter and Bradley Beal looks like, well, a 19 year old rookie.

No matter if you playing the Knicks or the Bobcats, 11 assists to 17 turnovers just isn’t going to cut in it the NBA. Back to the drawing board for Randy Whittman and the Wizards.

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