Miami Heat Are The Second-Worst Rebounding Team In The NBA

By Aime Mukendi
Us Presswire-Steve Mitchell

The Miami Heat are the NBA‘s second worst rebounding team.

The Heat added two shooters and a young big man who can stretch the floor this offseason but they did nothing to become a better rebounding team. Despite LeBron James averaging a career high in rebounds grabbing just under nine per game, the Heat have not rebounded well as a team.

Just 15 games into the season this could be a cause for concern because teams the three losses the Heat have compiled came against teams that all rebound much better than Miami. The biggest flaw with head coach Erik Spoelstra‘s “position-less” system is that neither Chris Bosh nor Shane Battier are great at rebounding the basketball.

The team’s best overall rebounder is veteran power forward Udonis Haslem who is averaging just over five rebounds per game in less than 18 minutes per game. Other than Haslem, Bosh, and James the Heat have no other players who can consistently grab a solid amount of boards. Dwyane Wade does a great job of playing above the rim but at the end of the day a shooting guard will never consistently outrebound power forwards or centers.

The Heat made it clear that there were no players worth investing in that could fill the role as the guy who grabs 10 rebounds a game so in other words the Heat won’t be a good rebounding team but they can maintain as long as James, Bosh, Haslem, and even Wade are aggressive pursuers of missed shots.

Miami has not played defense or rebounded the basketball well at the start of their title defense but as long as they can do it in June they will be perfectly fine.

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